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Journal of International
                                    Management Journal of International Management
Volume 22, Issue 3 ,  Pages 211-296, September 2016

Edited by Igor Filatotchev, R. Greg Bell and Abdul A. Rasheed

Editorial Board   
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Globalization of Capital Markets: Implications for Firm Strategies   Original Research Article
Pages 211-221
Igor Filatotchev, R. Greg Bell, Abdul A. Rasheed
Location Decisions and the Liability of Foreignness: Spillover Effects Between Factor Market and Capital Market Strategies   Original Research Article
Pages 222-233
Robert Lindorfer, Anne d'Arcy, Jonas Puck
Cost of Capital in an International Context: Institutional Distance, Quality, and Dynamics   Original Research Article
Pages 234-248
Thomas Lindner, Jakob Muellner, Jonas Puck
Sovereign Wealth Funds' Internationalization Strategies: The Use of Investment Vehicles   Original Research Article
Pages 249-264
Samuele Murtinu, Vittoria G. Scalera
A strategic perspective of cross-listing by emerging market firms: Evidence from Indonesia, Mexico, Poland and South Africa   Original Research Article
Pages 265-279
Yama Temouri, Nigel Driffield, Sumon Kumar Bhaumik
The Evolution of Initial Co-investment Syndications in an Emerging Venture Capital Market   Original Research Article
Pages 280-293
Susanna Khavul, David Deeds

  Book Review
Robert Fitzgerald, Chris Rowley, Multinational Companies from Japan: Capabilities, Competitiveness, and Challenges(2016), Routledge, Oxford, UK (x + 182 pp. (hard cover), ISBN: 978–1-138-94,632-3, ₤95.00)   
Pages 294-295
Yu-Hsu (Sean) Hsu

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