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Call For Paper or Presentation

Topic: The Economic Significance and World Implication of Chinese Development Governance中国发展治理对一带一路国家的借鉴与启示


Nov.19th, 2016, Shanghai, China


Background: Chinese Economy was growing very quickly during the past 38 years and is still growing at a relatively faster speed than most countries and regions of this world. China had solved many economic, political, social problems she faced. China is now playing and will play a more and more important role in the world. So, it is very necessary to study the economic significance and world implication of Chinese development governance from the following aspects.

Themes: what kind of role China will play in future's world economic, political and social governance? what is the experiences and lesson to the developing countries or countries along the One Belt and One Road regions in terms of developing the economy, solving the regional disparity, pushing equal and quality development? what kind of governance experience could be drawn as the Chinese contribution to the world governance? what is the future direction of Chinese governance?  what is the outsider's view about Chinese governance? Economists, political scientists, sociologists, historian, policy-makers, Chinese or foreigner are all welcome. 

Requirements of Presentation: These topics or presentation are welcome to present in our conference. The length of your paper could be 4-5 pages, your power-point could be 10-30 pages. Each presentation will last for about half hour. We will be of help for foreigner to apply visa.

Introduction of this Conference: this conference is one of the three forums in the 10th Academic Month, Shanghai Social Science Association. The conference will be supported by Shanghai Social Science Association, will be held in Shanghai Normal University.

Organizer: The Committee of Development and Cooperation of Pan Countries and Regions along One Belt and One Road (CDC, OBOR), Shanghai World Economic Association, School of Business, Shanghai Normal University.

Coordinator:  Dr. Hongjun Zhao,

Professor, Associate Dean, School of Business, Shanghai Normal University,

Director, The Committee of Development and Cooperation of Pan Countries and Regions along One Belt and One Road (CDC, OBOR), Shanghai World Economic Association,

Email: [log in to unmask] ;Telephone: 86-21-643211687

Address: NO.100, Guilin Rd, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China

Assistant professor Matevz Raskovic, PhD
Academic unit for International Economics and Business
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics, Slovenia
* 2010-2011Visiting graduate fellow at Harvard University (FAS Sociology), USA
* 2012-2013 Visiting scholar at Shanghai University of International Business & Economics, China
* 2013-2014 Visiting scholar at Kyungpook National University, South Korea
* 2015 Visiting lecturer at Lancaster University Management School, UK

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