Dear colleagues,

I am looking for materials to teach a central theme of an international business class, namely Managing the MNE Subsidiary. My focus here is on the leadership of a foreign unit by an expatriate or by a local manager.

I am specifically looking for practitioner oriented readings - in the style of HBR, SMR or CMR- as well as cases on themes such as subsidiary entrepreneurship, gaining subsidiary mandates, managing local adaptation processes, managing headquarter relationships, managing external stakeholders abroad, gaining or protecting legitimacy abroad, social responsibility in foreign contexts, managing foreign media attention, managing human resources in the subsidiary etc. I am in interested in the perspective of the subsidiary CEO (I am not interested in what folks at HQ think the subs should be doing).

I am interested in particular in Western MNEs operating in emerging economies (such as China or India), and in emerging economy MNEs operating Western societies. But other contexts are welcome too.

Please send your suggestions to: [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>. I will be happy share a compilation of suggestions on AIB-L.

Best wishes

Klaus Meyer

China Europe International Business School, Shanghai

Klaus Meyer, PhD
Professor of Strategy and International Business<>

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