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I am pleased to share with you the Table of Contents for MOR Volume 12, Issue 3. This issue features a vigorous exchange on the importance of the institutional explanation of Chinese outward investments as initially discussed in the paper by Peter Buckley, Pei Yu, Qing Liu, Surrender Munjal, and Pan Tai. The issue also includes a paper by Yunzhou Du, Phillip H. Kim and Howard Aldrich on new venture performance in transition economies. The issue also features the first Letter to the Editor by Steven Shinjin Zhou and Abby Jingzi Zhou. The letter relates the legend of Dragon and the Phoenix [fenghuang 凤凰] as possibly the indigenous antecedent of the Composition Based View management practice described in Luo and Child (2015, Management and Organization Review, 11(3): 379-411).


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We hope you enjoy reading this issue’s interesting and important articles, and will share the articles with your colleagues doing research in similar areas!


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Management and Organization Review


Letter from the Editor

Arie Y. Lewin


Peter J. Buckley, Pei Yu, Qing Liu, Surender Munjal, and Pan Tai

The Institutional Influence on the Location Strategies of Multinational Enterprises from Emerging Economies: Evidence from China’s Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions


Commentaries on Buckley, Yu, Liu, Munjal, and Tai


Jiatao Li and Guoguang Wan

China’s Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions: A Contextual Distance Perspective


Lin Cui

The Primacy of Institutional Explanation of Chinese Outward FDI: Is It Understated or Overstated?


Regular Articles


Yunzhou Du, Phillip H. Kim, and Howard E. Aldrich

Hybrid Strategies, Dysfunctional Competition, and New Venture Performance in Transition Economies


Sybille Persson and Paul Shrivastava

Sustainable Development of Human Resources Inspired by Chinese Philosophies: A Repositioning Based on François Jullien’s Works


Sven Horak and Katja Restel

A Dynamic Typology or Informal Institutions: Learning from the Case of Guanxi


Aurelia Mok and David De Cremer

When Money Makes Employees Warm and Bright: Thoughts of New Money Promote Warmth and Competence


Weiwen Li, Eric W.K. Tsang, Danglun Luo, and Qianwei Ying

It’s Not Just a Visit: Receiving Government Officials’ Visits and Firm Performance in China


Yi han and Enying Zheng

Why Firms Perform Differently in Corporate Social Responsibility? Firm Ownership and the Persistence of Organizational Imprints


Dialogue, Debate, and Discussion

Elisa Giuliani, Grazia D. Santangelo, and Floria Wettstein

Human Rights and International Business Research: A Call for Study Emerging Market Multinationals


Letter to the Editor

Steven Shijin Zhou and Abby Jingzi Zhou



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