Farm-based Field Day: Uncle John's Cider Mill, St. Johns - August 9 - Orchard Management, Pruning and Value-added Products

The Michigan Agritourism Association and the Michigan Farmers Market Association (MIFMA) have teamed up to offer six farm-based field days at locations across the state in August and September. Field days are supported by a Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development  (MDARD) Specialty Crop Block Grant and are free to attend.

Each field day is designed to help new, beginning and experienced specialty crop producers become more efficient and effective in their production and promotion practices. Farmer hosts will share methods they use to be successful at their own operations and offer hands-on training and technical assistance with support from farm resource providers.

The events are FREE and registration is required to attend - register now!

Orchard Management, Pruning and Value-added Products
Date: August 9
Time: 1-4 p.m.
Farm: Uncle John’s Cider Mill, St. Johns
About: Join us at Uncle John’s Cider Mill for a farm tour and demonstration that focuses on orchard management, pruning, and diversifying into value-added products. A day in the orchard will help increase your knowledge for efficiently maintaining and managing an orchard. Learn about the specialty products that Uncle John’s has added to their farm over the years and leave the day with ideas to implement at your farm! 
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Scaling Up with Mechanization and Season Extension
Date: August 15
Time: 1-4 p.m.
Farm: Slagle’s Family Farm, Felch Township, Upper Peninsula
About: Having the ability to add mechanization and extend the growing season can provide security and revenue for any farm. Join us at Slagle’s Family Farm to expand your knowledge about scaling up, including mechanization and season extension. This workshop will provide hands-on learning experiences that will help your farm thrive and give you the ability to provide food for a longer season.
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Vegetable Pruning and Trellising; Introduction to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and Outdoor Hydroponics
Date: August 22
Time: 1-4:30 p.m.
Farm: Birch Point Farm, Traverse City and Cedar Sol Hydro Farm, Cedar
About: Join us for this two-part field day, including a visit to Birch Point Farm and Cedar Sol Hydro Farm. Birch Point Farm will give a hands-on demonstration of pruning and trellising techniques in both field and greenhouse and provide a first-hand look into CSA farming. Cedar Sol Hydro Farm will give a tour of their outdoor hydroponic farm and u-pick operation, and share techniques for growing tomatoes and other vegetables.
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Weed and Pest Identification and Management
Date: August 23
Time: 1-4 p.m.
Farm: MSU Student Organic Farm, East Lansing
About: Visit the MSU Student Organic Farm to focus on best practices for weed and pest identification and management for a variety of specialty crops. Learn ways to foil those pesky bugs or persistent weeds, and gain knowledge that will help you provide bountiful crops for your customers.
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Using Social Media for Special Events
Date: September 12
Time: 1-4 p.m.
Farm: Stokes Homestead, Grand Junction
About: Events on the farm are becoming extremely popular and they are a great way to bring more customers to you! This workshop will focus on how to create the best type of event for your farm, how to get the word out through social media, and how to efficiently run an event. 
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Display and Marketing Best Practices
Date: September 20
Time: 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Farm: Flint Ingredient Company, The Local Grocer and Flint Farmers Market
About: Whether you attend a farmers market or sell your goods at a retail store, display and marketing are crucial to your success! Join us for a three-part workshop at the Flint Ingredient Company, The Local Grocer and the Flint Farmers Market to expand your knowledge on attracting customers to your store or booth. Learn the tips and tricks to implement a consistent and inviting look for your business.
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Dru Montri, Executive Director of the Michigan Farmers Market Association commented, “As a farmer myself, I love the opportunity to visit other farms and to discuss production and marketing strategies with other farmers. I look forward to these events each year because I always come home with new ideas and new connections.

Specialty crop producers and stakeholders that support the industry are encouraged to attend.

These events are free to attend and registration is required. To register and learn more about each field day, visit or call 616-952-1151.

To download a PDF of the event flyer – click here.

Samantha Collins
Communications and Events Manager
Michigan Farmers Market Association
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