Subject: Workshop: supporting beneficial insects with flowering plants at Clarksville Aug 2


The IPM Program has teamed up with Rufus Isaacs and Doug Landis to organize a workshop for farmers and gardeners on Supporting Beneficial Insects with Flowering Plants. The event will be at the Clarksville Research Center on August 2. Below is a short description and attached is a flier (ADA accessible). We will be posting an MSUE News article about the workshop this week. If your growers are interested in creating habitat for pollinators and natural enemies, please consider sharing the flier or similar information with them. We©öd appreciate your helping in reaching potential participants.


Thank you, Joy Landis


Description: The beneficial insects that provide valuable pest control and pollination to farms and gardens require access to diverse sources of nectar and pollen to support their activities. MSU entomologists have been testing more than 55 species of Michigan native and other insect-supporting (i.e., insectary) plants to see which are most attractive to pollinators and natural enemies. Participants in this workshop will learn to identify key pollinators (managed and wild bees), and natural enemies of insect pests (predators and parasitoids), as well as learn about programs that can help them establish beneficial insect habitats on farms and other property. During field tours, participants will see which plants are best for attracting beneficial insects and hear recommendations for establishing and maintaining these insectary habitats. Speakers include representatives from MSU Entomology, MSU Plant Biology, USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), and Michigan Native Plant Producers Association.

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