My book, Japanese Management: International Perspectives, is now on, and It will be on sale on November 23, 2016.

This book provides a new understanding of the constellations of logics in Japanese management practices in Asia and the West. Through comparative ethnographic case studies in a Japanese multinational corporation (MNC), the book explores cultural meanings of ‘family’, corporation, market and religion logics in each subsidiary’s site: Thailand, Taiwan, Belgium and the US. In doing so, the book defines ‘cultural space’ through institutional logic approach. It argues that logics are culturally interpreted and this may impose a serious limitation on the institutional logic approach based on the analysis of Western society. It reveals that Japanese ‘family’ logics and Theravada Buddhism in Asia are strengthening each other and this directly supports the presupposition of amplification. It further elaborates on the ongoing constellations of logics which are continuously formed in relation to geographical contexts. The book also explains that boundaries of the organisational communities are not ‘segmented’ to Japanese expatriates but constructed through actors’ profiles and this in turn, raises the importance of actors’ profiles. This book is therefore, a must-read for researchers, managers and anyone interested in Japanese MNCs.

Doctoral researcher
Cardiff Business School
Hitoshi Iwashita
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