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Submission dates: 31st October 2016 and 30 April 2017


Please send proposals to:

Christoph Dörrenbächer, co-editor in chief (e-mail: [log in to unmask])



critical perspectives on international business (cpoib) invites proposals for special issues on topics that address international business (IB) matters from a non-mainstream, critical perspective to appear in the journal over the years 2017-2019.


cpoib publishes research that critically engages with the broad field of IB, including but not restricted to, issues of globalization, IB strategies, corporate social responsibility as well as power relations both within multinational firms and between multinational firms and civil society actors. The journal promotes dialogue and new thinking and encourages authors to creatively and critically question the hegemony of multinational firms, managerial orthodoxy and the dominant IB academic discourse.


cpoib publishes one or two special issues per year. The last three volumes have seen highly regarded special issues on: rising power firms, the globally mobile professional class, Brazilian multinationals and the state as well as on transnational corporations, socio-economic change and recurrent crisis.


The objective of special issues in cpoib is to assemble a coherent set of empirical and conceptual/theoretical papers on topics that deserve critical thought beyond that offered by mainstream approaches to IB. The topics should be relevant, interesting and timely. A non-exhaustive list of potential themes and more information on cpoib in general is given in a recent editorial that is available at:




Prospective guest editors should submit a written proposal which should include:

  1. A draft call for papers that:
    1. outlines the rationale for the special issue topic and why the special issue is needed
    2. explains why the special issue is targeted at cpoib and how it fits with the mission of the journal
    3. establishes the links to the existing literature and explains the potential for advancing scholarly conversations on the topic
    4. provides a justification for why a new scholarly conversation should be initiated in the case of no prior literature on the topic
    5. puts forward potential themes and/or research questions within the topic
  2. Information about the prospective guest editors in terms of their research credentials, their research published specifically on the topic and their editorial experience. Submissions by early career scholars are welcome.
  3. Where already known, potential contributing authors


All proposals will be reviewed by the editorial team of cpoib within one month after the submission. Three to four proposals will be selected and recommendations will be given in order to develop further the proposal and align it with the editorial mission and the publication timeline of cpoib.


After commissioning the special issue, one cpoib co-editor in chief will serve as supervising editor supporting the special issue editors.



Guest editors’ tasks

The guest editors will disseminate and publicize their call for papers, approach potential authors and manage the review process via Manuscript Central. Papers that are sent out for review must be refereed by at least two scholars, using a double-blind peer review process.


It is also expected that the guest editors will contribute an introductory article (which may be full paper length) that positions the special issue in the relevant literature, sketches out its critical perspective(s) and introduces the papers included in the special issue.


For further inquiry the co-editors in chief can be contacted:

Christoph Dörrenbächer, [log in to unmask]

Snejina Michailova, [log in to unmask]





Prof. Dr. Christoph Dörrenbächer

Professor of Organizational Design and Behavior in International Business

Berlin School of Economics and Law

Badensche Strasse 50/51

D-10825 Berlin

Tel. 0049-30-30877-1491 (university office)

Tel. 0049-491-9992963 (home office)


E-mail: [log in to unmask]

Skype:   cd10825


Director: Berlin Institute for International Business Studies (BIIBS)


Co-editor in chief: 'critical perspectives on international business' (cpoib)



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