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I am preparing a seminar to be taught to academics in an emerging market economy on research and publishing in ABDC A and A* journals. While I know this cannot be totally taught I would like to help these folks move from B/C to A . I have published in JIBS and several IB A journals and I have my own ideas they are limited to International Accounting and Control. Most of the folks in the school I am assisting  have PHD’s or DBA’s but not necessarily from research oriented schools. I have approached a few friends for help but apparently this has become an industry with charges in from 5 to 25 K plus expenses  for a three day seminar . The school  I am working with is in a mid-range developing country and trying to do its best for which I commend them. However it cannot afford to bring an expert in this price range so I am treating this a service activity.


I wonder if there some folks out there who have published in A/A* journals and are willing to share their thoughts on how to prepare a good publication, I would be very grateful. I am looking for hints on what  would enhance the chances of an  change of getting through the filter. I am particularly interested  in  faculty from non-accounting areas such as IB, management and marketing. Answers can be as specific as what do I put in the introduction, what are the absolute no no’s and here  is how I approach a project. Personal experiences with successful placements would be particularly welcome.


Thank you all in advance.


Stephen B. Salter

Stephen B. Salter

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Middle Tennessee State University

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