Rutgers Business Review Vol. 1, No. 1.

The inaugural issue of Rutgers Business Review is now online at<>

The State of Business Education and Research - <> Perspectives from Educational Leaders around the Globe<>

Cüneyt Evirgen, Lei Lei, Peter Moizer, Richard Phillips, Barbara Stöttinger, and Marie Wilson

Tax Avoidance by Multinational Companies: <> Methods, Policies, and Ethics<>
Farok J. Contractor

Migrants and the Foreign Expansion of Firms<>
Pallavi Shukla and John Cantwell

The Internet as a Telecommunications Service:<> Framing the Legal Issues and Business Strategies<>
Victor Glass

The Case for Product Placement<>

Ekaterina V. Karniouchina, Can Uslay, and Grigori Erenburg

Global Project Teams:  A Practitioner’s Guide to the 5 Competencies Needed for Success<>

John R. Riesenberger

When (Firsthand) Experience Matters less than You Expect:<> The Influence of Advertising on Repurchase Decisions<>

​Mathew S. Isaac and Morgan Poor

Shaping the Future: The New Social Ecosystem<>
Mark Burgess

Periscope’s Dawn: Up or Down?<>
Ashley Moffitt and Can Uslay

The Rutgers Business School General Impact Index for Business Journals<>

Serdar Yayla, Omer Cem Kutlubay, and Sengun Yeniyurt