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European Journal of International Management (EJIM)
Thematic Issue on the Internationalisation of Social Entrepreneurship
Guest Editors: Prof. Domingo Ribeiro-Soriano and Prof. Miguel Ángel Galindo
Volume 10 – Issue 4 – 2016
Table of Contents
Title and authors
Domingo Ribeiro-Soriano; Miguel Ángel Galindo
Validation of a measure of social entrepreneurship
Shawn M. Carraher; Dianne H.B. Welsh; Andrew Svilokos
The performance advantage of business planning for small and social retail enterprises in an economically disadvantaged region
Louise Grimmer; Morgan P. Miles; Martin Grimmer
The evolution of social marketing and social entrepreneurship education in business and management schools: conceptions, misconceptions and trends
George S. Spais; Hooshang M. Beheshti
How social entrepreneurship emerges, develops and internationalises during political and economic transitions
Soumaya Ben Letaifa
Different innovation policies for different types of innovative companies? Social implications
Alicia Mas-Tur; Juan Sapena Bolufer
Social capital, absorptive capacity and entrepreneurial behaviour in an international context
Ignacio Castro; Gabriel Cepeda
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