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European Journal ofInternational Management (EJIM)

ThematicIssue on the Internationalisation of Social Entrepreneurship

GuestEditors: Prof. Domingo Ribeiro-Soriano and Prof. Miguel Ángel Galindo


Volume10 – Issue 4 – 2016

 Table of Contents

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|  Title and authors

|  Preface

 Domingo Ribeiro-Soriano; Miguel Ángel Galindo 

|  Validation of a measure of social entrepreneurship

 Shawn M. Carraher; Dianne H.B. Welsh; Andrew Svilokos


|  The performance advantage of business planning for small and social retail enterprises in an economically disadvantaged region

 Louise Grimmer; Morgan P. Miles; Martin Grimmer


|  The evolution of social marketing and social entrepreneurship education in business and management schools: conceptions, misconceptions and trends

 George S. Spais; Hooshang M. Beheshti


|  How social entrepreneurship emerges, develops and internationalises during political and economic transitions

 Soumaya Ben Letaifa


|  Different innovation policies for different types of innovative companies? Social implications

 Alicia Mas-Tur; Juan Sapena Bolufer


|  Social capital, absorptive capacity and entrepreneurial behaviour in an international context

 Ignacio Castro; Gabriel Cepeda



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