​​​​​Competitiveness Review

Call for Papers
Special Issue

“Competitiveness of Locations: The Effects of Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurial Practices”

Guest Editors
João J. Ferreira, University of Beira Interior, Portugal
Vanessa Ratten, La Trobe University, Australia

Submission Deadline: November 30, 2016

Background and Special Issue Purpose
An increasingly important part of competitiveness studies is the role location plays in a firm’s economic performance and global position in the marketplace (Dunning & Gugler, 2008; Gugler & Shi, 2009; Porter, 2000; Ferreira et al., 2013; Ferreira et al., 2015). The location of business, government services and infrastructure influences competitiveness; however, despite the association, there is limited research from an interdisciplinary perspective linking location to competitiveness using regional innovative and entrepreneurial business practices (Ferreira et al., 2015). The role of innovation and entrepreneurship can influence competitiveness when firms are making strategic decisions about their location based on their performance in the global marketplace (Belderbos et al., 2014). More governments around the world are taking an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to location decisions due to the affect they have on economic growth and regional development (Wolman & Hincapie, 2015). This has enabled business, tourism and infrastructure investment to take a more creative approach to understanding a location’s competitiveness strengths by linking it with performance outcomes (Kosfeld & Titze, 2015). By understanding the impact of innovation and entrepreneurship towards global competitiveness, better policy decisions can be made about long term infrastructure planning that helps business to be more competitive in the future. The purpose of this special issue of Competitiveness Review (CR) is to bring together scholarly thought from an interdisciplinary perspective using location theory, innovation management practices and entrepreneurial business planning to focus on the competitiveness of locations. Accordingly, we call for papers that seek answers the following research questions:

  *   How does the location of businesses affect regional innovation and entrepreneurial practices?
  *   What is the role of government in determining the best location for business based on entrepreneurial practices?
  *   What are the innovative and entrepreneurial approaches investment is being utilized to encourage better global competitiveness of locations?

Deadlines, Submission and Review Process
Submitted papers should adhere to the format requirements of the Competitiveness Review (CR). Publication of the special issue is tentatively planned for 2017. Original submissions are due by November 30, 2016 and must be submitted using the CR Submission system at Earlier submissions are encouraged. Authors should indicate that they would like their submission to be considered for the special issue “Competitiveness of Locations: The Effects of Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurial Practices”. Authors of papers invited to be revised and resubmitted will be expected to work within a tight timeframe to meet the special issue’s publication deadline.

Further Information
For questions regarding the content of this special issue, please contact the guest editors:
João J. Ferreira, [log in to unmask]
Vanessa Ratten,[log in to unmask]

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