If the following is not perceived as acceptable and not overly promoting
one Town Hall Session over another, it would be nice to have this sent to
the AIB community:

"For all in the AIB Community who are attending the meeting in New Orleans,
I hope you make a strong effort to take advantage of the new Townhall
Meeting format being held Tuesday evening; each one provides a great
opportunity to share ideas on important IB topics with fellow scholars.
For those of you interested in talking about the relationship between IB
and the Sustainable Development Goals, you are warmly invited to attend the
meeting entitled 'How the AIB Community Can Best Contribute to the UN's
Sustainable Development Goals' (session 162250).  Among the topics intended
to be discussed are (1) better understanding (and researching) the role of
women in the attainment of the SDGs; (2) the role of the MNE in achieving
reductions in poverty, income inequality and inclusive growth; and (3) the
use of FDI as a mechanism to transfer knowledge, technology and innovation
that supports sustainable development.  But by no means does this mean the
discussion will be limited to these items.

If you are not able to attend either the Townhall Meeting or the conference
and are interested in this topic, please let us know.

Hoping to see you in New Orleans.

John Dilyard
Hafiz Mirza
Caroline Witte
Amanda Bullough
Yasir Fadol"


John Dilyard

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