If you are attending the AIB-SE Conference (Nov 10-14, on a cruise ship,, I am looking for panelists
for a session on


I am particularly interested in people who have experience with:

-          Research crowdsourcing

-          Open data sharing

-          Open forum/discussion-board based research collaboration with
strangers (rather than close colleagues via email and personal meetings)

-          Knowledge dissemination via open-source journals, blogs, and
social media

-          Platform-based research (MTurk and the like)

-          Research with large co-author teams, especially co-author teams
where many co-authors have never met in person and where team boundaries
are vague (when it’s not entirely clear who is and who is not on the team)

-          Ethics and Editorial policies on making data publicly available,
co-authorship and data ownership in research crowdsourcing projects

-          Other issues around the emerging practice of sharing data freely
(rather than not sharing), working in huge teams (rather than alone or with
a few trusted colleagues), publishing findings quickly via open platforms
rather than selective peer-reviewed journals, using crowds to complete
research tasks (rather than doing everything alone or in a small team),

If you are attending the AIB-SE conference and would like to be a panelist
in this session, please send me a short summary of the key points you’d
like to share (topic and 150-word abstract) by June 4.

Vas Taras

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