Dear IB/IM Colleagues:

I urgently need to hire a full-time researcher to do lots of data mining
and hypothesis testing on various aspects of GVT dynamics and IB education,
starting ASAP and through July of this year.

I’ve been leading the X-Culture Project
<> that has generated immense amounts
of data over the past few years. Our database contains data on over 4,500
global virtual teams and 27,000 team members, from more than 50 countries.
The database contains over 2,000 variables, multi-source, multi-level and
longitudinal, plus pages of qualitative interview data on each team.

We’re working on over a dozen papers
<> based on
those data, but we have a huge backlog of relationships/theories that need
to be tested, many potentially leading to good papers, plus we’d like to
mine the data for other interesting relationships and trends.

Accordingly we’d like to contract a full-time researcher, starting ASAP and
through July 31. Ideally, the person will be a skilled Ph.D. student,
post-doc, or junior faculty who is primarily motivated by research and
publishing in IB/OB/HR/I-O Psych journals and is also looking for some
extra work during the summer months. The researcher is welcome to relocate
to UNCG for these few months. An office and computer will be provided, but
housing and relocation expenses will not be covered. However, it is
perfectly fine if the person works remotely, as long as we can skype daily
during these months.

*The job: *

1.       Using the X-Culture data, test dozens of already-proposed
hypotheses and theories.

2.       Mine the database for other interesting relationships and trends.

3.       Write up the results in an academic-journal format.

*Requirements: *

1.       Strong skills in data management (we still keep our data in
humongous Excel files, so fluency in Excel is required, at the very least
must know what VLOOKUP, CONCATANATE, IFERROR, and pivot tables are; be very
comfortable spending hours and hours working with huge and confusing Excel
files and figuring out how they are structured and interlinked).

2.       Experience with factor analysis, OLS and logistic regression, HLM,
SEM. Time-series analysis, IRT, and qualitative data analysis are a big

3.       Strong academic writing skills.

4.       A strong computer with Stata or SPSS, HLM, and AMOS on it.  R,
SAS, and qualitative text data analysis packages are a plus, but not
required (if can relocate to UNCG for these few months, the computer with
the software will be provided).

5.       Preferably strong interest in publishing in IB/OB/HR/I-O Psych


-          Direct: $3,000 per month, extra bonus may be possible for
extraordinary productivity

-          Indirect and more important: Co-authorship on any resulting
papers where the researcher has made a *major* contribution; access to a
unique original multi-source, multi-level, longitudinal database with over
2,000 variables on global virtual team; an opportunity to become part of a
vibrant research team that will support you throughout your academic

This is a one-time term-specific contract job (although we hope for
continued research collaboration as co-authors afterwards). No fringe
benefits provided. This position does NOT allow for applying for a U.S.
visa or work permit. A U.S. permanent resident/citizen would be preferred,
but strong candidates from outside the U.S. will be considered too.

*The Selection Process*

A job sample will be used as the main selection tool. The candidates will
receive a sample dataset and be asked to test a couple hypotheses and write
up the results. The speed and the quality of the analysis and presentation
of the results will guide the selection process.

To apply, send your CV and cover letter to [log in to unmask]

Dr. Vas Taras

Dr. Vas Taras

Dean and Tracy Priddy Dean’s Notable Scholar

X-Culture Project Coordinator

Associate Editor of the International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management

Department of Management

Bryan School of Business and Economics

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

349 Bryan

POB 26165, Greensboro, NC 27402-6165


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