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The AIB 2016 with the theme of Global Innovation is almost getting close. See URL:  June 26-30, at New orleans, the home of Jazz. As a program chair, it is my pleasure to welcome you to this great event.

We have over 250 competitive papers, 400 interactive papers and 40 exciting panels waiting of you.  The early registration date is April 10. Get yourselves in early and join us to enjoy the  warmth of New Orleans!  Let me highlight TEN great things awaiting you at New Orleans….

  1. Indra K Nooyi, Chairman and CEO of Pepsico as the AIB International Executive of the year. She will be presenting her thoughts on "“Leadership, purpose, and innovation in the changing global economy” as a part of the opening plenary. 
  2. Joseph Aoun, President of Northeastern University as the AIB International Educator of the year, will join with Sri Zaheer (Dean, Carlson School of Management), Raj Aggarwal (Ohio) and Robert Grosse (Thunderbird) in a panel on "“Globalizing education: Challenges, opportunities, and the AIB”
  3. Kathleen Eisenhardt, Stanford University as the AIB Distinguished scholar of the year will join with Vijay Govindarajan (Dartmouth), Yves Doz (Insead), and George Yip (Imperial) in a panel on “The locus of global innovation: The new frontier for IB"
  4. A number of papers and panels from outstanding scholars, JIBS Decade Award winners, Disseration Award finalists, will dazzle you with new and innovative ideas for taking your IB research further.  Inspiring sessions from a wide range of disciplines including marketing, finance, leadership, operations, etc. For a discipline focused scholar, you will experience what AIB can offer, and we want to broaden the bridges with you. 
  5. Hands-on workshops on ‘multi-level models’ and ‘structural equation models’ offered by CARMA (Consortium for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis) (on Sunday June 26th). The workshops are free. Please do encourage your doctoral students and young scholars who are planning to attend the conference to make use of this opportunity. 
  6. Valuable sessions and panels to build up the methodological competencies within AIB, pioneered by the special interest group on Research Methods.  A new award for best paper on ‘research methods’ is being introduced this year, sponsored by University of Sydney.  Have a research methods problem you are not able to resolve and you need some expert consulting. We are offering research clinics to help you connect with an expert. Of great value to upcoming scholars. These clinics will help you to connect with an expert informally to discuss your problem and provide you some personal help. Watch for the announcements on this.
  7. We have a good mix of community engagement events. We are offering three choices on Monday, Jun 27:  (a) breakfast talk by a local expert, a charismatic speaker on post-Katrina reconstruction of New Orleans, (b) visit to New Orleans Port, and (c) visit to Propeller, hub of social enterprise.  A special exec education event on internationalisation of SMEs is being offered to the local execs.
  8. IB Teaching gets a lot more attention this year addressing a number of interesting topics in IB teaching – experiential learning, use of simulations, online education, executive education, etc.   For teacher-scholars, this conference will provide a very nice array of papers and panels. A new award is being introduced for best paper in teaching sponsored by CUIBE.
  9. A new session format which allows for a free flow of interactive discussions around a specific topic, AIB Townhalls.  We have a very interesting blend of topics and people, which should make these very exciting and lead to more enduring bonds. Be sure to participate in the “townhall” of your choice – we have at least 14 for you to choose from!
  10. AIB Chapters get a lot of attention this year – we are introducing a full day chapter leadership workshop for select leaders of the AIB chapters worldwide. And we have a dedicated slot for the chapters and special interest groups to come together and brainstorm and discuss some common interests.  You will be sure to get to know who your compatriots are within AIB!

The conference registration is now open. See you soon in New Orleans! Check out  The conference committee and I are looking forward to welcome you at NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana)!



Charles Dhanaraj
Professor of Strategy and Global Leadership
Tel: +41 21 618 01 66 cell: +41 79 593 86 59
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