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We’re delighted to announce the latest issue of Cross Cultural & Strategic Management. Please enjoy complimentary access for the next fortnight – you will find the list of papers below (also available here).


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International strategy and institutional environments
Michael A. Hitt
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (120 KB)


Presenteeism as a global phenomenon
Cary L Cooper and Luo Lu
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (195 KB)


“Multiculturality” as a key methodological challenge during in-depth interviewing in international business research
Ling Eleanor Zhang and David S. A. Guttormsen
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (275 KB)


Should management practice adapt to cultural values? The evidence against power distance adaptation
Alaka N. Rao and Jone L. Pearce
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (260 KB)


Culture matters: the influence of national culture on inclusion climate
Sebastian Stoermer, Anna Katharina Bader, and Fabian Jintae Froese
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (246 KB)


Better at home, abroad, or both? How Chinese firms use ambidextrous internationalization strategies to drive innovation
Christiane Prange and Olga Bruyaka
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (311 KB)


The effect of leadership styles, rank, and seniority on affective organizational commitment
Gahye Hong, Youngsam Cho, Fabian Jintae Froese, and Mannsoo Shin
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (275 KB)


Values-based leadership effectiveness in culturally diverse workplaces
Willie Edward Hopkins and Susanne G. Scott
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (412 KB)


Competing in complex cross-cultural world
Yadong Luo and Qinqin Zheng
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (99 KB)




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