I am pleased to share the table of contents for Journal of World Business, Volume 51, Issue 3.  Apologies in advance for cross posting.  Also, our 50th anniversary issue, published earlier this year, will be available all year as a free download at the link below.

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Jonathan Doh, Editor-in-Chief

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Journal of World Business Journal of World Business
Volume 51, Issue 3 ,  Pages 343-486, April 2016

Title (Contents)   
Pages i

Editorial Board   
Pages iii-vi

Aligning corporate transfer intentions and subsidiary HRM practice implementation in multinational corporations   Original Research Article
Pages 343-355
Catarina Ahlvik, Adam Smale, Jennie Sumelius
Environmental risks, localization and the overseas subsidiary performance of MNEs from an emerging economy   Original Research Article
Pages 356-368
Xiaohui Liu, Lan Gao, Jiangyong Lu, Eleni Lioliou
Institutional development and firm profitability in transition economies   Original Research Article
Pages 369-378
Mario Kafouros, Murod Aliyev
Strategy development: Driving improvisation in Malaysia   Original Research Article
Pages 379-390
Ian R. Hodgkinson, Paul Hughes, Darwina Arshad
The effect of social networks and dynamic internationalization capabilities on international performance   Original Research Article
Pages 391-403
José Carlos Pinho, Christiane Prange
Reconceptualizing cultural distance: The role of cultural experience reserve in cross-border acquisitions   Original Research Article
Pages 404-412
Manish Popli, Mohammad Akbar, Vikas Kumar, Ajai Gaur
Performance of professional service firms from emerging markets: Role of innovative services and firm capabilities   Original Research Article
Pages 413-424
Daniel C. Bello, Lori P. Radulovich, Rajshekhar (Raj) G. Javalgi, Robert F. Scherer, Jennifer Taylor
Too much of a good thing: Does international experience variety accelerate or delay executives’ career advancement?   Original Research Article
Pages 425-437
Dimitrios Georgakakis, Tobias Dauth, Winfried Ruigrok
The spatial structure of foreign subsidiaries and MNE expansion strategy   Original Research Article
Pages 438-450
Guoliang F. Jiang, Guy L.F. Holburn, Paul W. Beamish
Institutional duality and political strategies of foreign-invested firms in an emerging economy   Original Research Article
Pages 451-462
Yanlong Zhang, Wei Zhao, Jianhua Ge
The effects of institutional development and national culture on cross-national differences in corporate reputation   Original Research Article
Pages 463-473
David L. Deephouse, William Newburry, Abrahim Soleimani
Innovating across boundaries: A portfolio perspective on innovation partnerships of multinational corporations   Original Research Article
Pages 474-485
Erk P. Piening, Torsten Oliver Salge, Sebastian Schäfer
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