Hello friendly supporters of Peace Corps at Michigan State,


Laura and I are hosting an application workshop next Tuesday, April 26th, at 6pm in the International Center, room 204. This may be especially useful for folks looking to apply over the summer months and will be away from MSU and their friendly recruiters here on campus. This will also be useful for frosh-junior level students who want to look for ways to improve their competitiveness for Peace Corps. We are encouraging people to bring a copy of their resume to the meeting. You are all welcome, as well, to the meeting, if you would like to learn more.


I have attached a flier that you are welcome to share broadly. Thank you so much! Have a great afternoon,


Erika Kraus                     Laura Ballard

Benin, 2005-2008             Niger, 2008-2010; China, 2011


Peace Corps Campus Recruiter at MSU

International Center

427 N. Shaw Lane, Room 202

East Lansing, Michigan 48824

517 432 7474

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