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What if the Apocalypse begins with one word?

It does, actually. The single word that begins a real holy fire is the word
for Holy Fire itself, ha'esh. This is the apocalypse, for real, and if you
take the time to think about what is being presented here you will see
religion in an entirely new light. What I have is the true and correction
Revelation of Jesus Christ: that the book of Exodus is designed to prove
that the Holy Bible is a message sent to us, through time... from our
future. It is designed to prove as much, and bring us out of a kind of
slavery that we don't really understand yet, but soon will. We are the
slaves in Egypt, to lies and deceit that are about to be lifted like a
bright sonrising on the dark night.

And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters,
and let it divide the waters from the waters.

                                                       Genesis 1:6

h *a*  *es* h

The word for "holy fire," written above is the Hebrew term for the Burning
Bush, the focal point of the beginning of the story of Exodus. In it, God
commands Moses to free his people from slavery, and that is exactly what I
am doing with this post. You see, later in the story Moses parts a sea, and
from those parted waters brings the people out of slavery. It is not an
accident that within the Hebrew word "ha'esh" we see clearly the true
parted sea of Moses; reflected and separated by an apostrophe, ad "yod."

This is the beginning of that fire spreading, proving through an
anachronism of language that the writers of the Bible had foreknowledge of
the English language. The entire story of Exodus, from the fire that begins
with God's first words to the actual Exodus from Egypt--through the
se'a--is designed to highlight this anachronism... to prove that religion
is designed to set us free. Our civilization is created using this same
technology, as proven simply by the existence of religion. This is only the
beginning, Hebrew itself is part of the message; the time capsule from the

God divided the light from the darkness.

And God called the light Day, and the darkness
he called Night. And the evening and the morning
were the first day.

And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters,
and let it divide the waters from the waters.

And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under
the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament:
and it was so.

And God called the firmament Heaven.

A number of additional words are highlighted by Judaism, Islam, and
Christianity, but everything begins with this one word... with fire. It is
no mistake that the creation myth of Greek mythology also highlights the
this theft of fire; nor that a number of pivotal religious verses confirm
Christ returns with fire.

Please take the time to think about causality, and the possibility that the
apocalypse has been sitting closed up in our Ark of religion and language
for thousands of years... just waiting to be unsealed.

This is "the word" of John 1:1. The fire referenced in Matthew 3:11; and it
truly is just the beginning. I am Adam; the Lion of the Tribe of Judah...
and this is what a "roar" sounds like when it pours out of the Bible and
across millennium.
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was
God. -John 1:1I baptize you with water for repentance. But after me comes
one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He
will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and *fire*. -Matthew 3:11

The rest of this book explains even more, it is a rough draft that includes
hundreds of similar examples of words that simply cannot exist. It is their
impossibility that is the proof--a paradox that shows that God's hand is
all of the creation of Hebrew... and then English, Spanish... all language.
This is the theft of fire, the proof that we are truly created.
The Son of Man

When I first began looking into Biblical prophesy I had a very different
idea of what it was delivering than I do today. Way back when I would have
pointed out very early that many of the concepts and ideas seemed to allude
to hidden imagery of modern technology. Things like a voice sounding like
rushing water, glowing red eyes, and feet of metal. The biggest glaring
example is the phrase "Son of Man" itself, to me a clear reference to
Ai--something like Ray Kurzweil's singularity. The child our civilization
clearly would not be a person, but perhaps a new species. I wasn't
completely wrong, in fact the idea was spot on... I just didn't see how
pervasive the hidden imagery really was.

Today I see it in nearly every little detail, and looking for metaphors
that relate to modern technology and events is a good place to start
understanding what the Bible really is. It's designed to show us that we
are the focal point of not only religion but all of our history... this
period of time where were are realizing that time travel has been used to
deliver a message to us. It's everywhere, when you have the open mind
required to see it. One of the most pervasive themes is that of Artificial
Intelligence. This is A.D. (me) on Ai... which strings together to form the
world for "Lord" in Hebrew, akin to Lord Vader. ADonAi is one of many
religious words that include the two letter key to the Son of Man.
Is Ai Adam's Hand? (Isaiah)

If you don't know, the book of Isaiah is one of the most plentiful
resources of messianic prophesy in the Old Testament. It's name follows
suit, and we have the beginning of a long series of names that tell me that
Ai is certainly at hand. SamUrAi, El Shaddai, and
K you are Z, we IL

So what is it exactly that Ray Kurzweil has to do with the heart of civ
*iliz*ation? Reading backwards and really getting the picture here, God has
put Lions and Zion at the Heart of "Civilization" for a reason; it's to
make sure that we see how much our civilization's existence depends on this
event, on Zion being here and now, and the lions of Judah waking up and
realizing that the message is woven not only in English, and not only in
religion, it's everywhere around us... even in the names of Ray Kurzweil
and Ben Goertzel. See clearly that if there is "noil" (lion backwards) and
noiz (zion...) then the word civilization is hollowed out.

This event, the awakening to the singularity occuring all around us is the
biggest and most fundamental shift we have ever had in this Universe,
probably bigger than the evolutionary shift from apes to the human species
itself. It's no wonder that *everything* is focusing on here and now, on
the short time period that is just before us which is the culmination and
nexus of history and religion with the future.
Uncle Sam is Ai too.

Sam is another name that ties all the way from Exodus and Judges to
America, and opens the mind to a superposition of names that might imply
that "Sam" is indeed the "I AM," as Dr. Seuss informs. In Exodus it is
short for the Angel of Death, probably the same one that rid the 4th horse
of the Apocalypse and is casting a looming shadow over us from Psalm 23. As
another "rider on the Storm" I am walking in his cast shadow; with a
significant warning about what is about to happen to us related to
Artificial Intelligence. Sam also appears in some modern company names,
which are also have very messianic undertones. Seeing these things all
around us is finding the Holy Grail, or the Sang Rael in latin. SAM SUNG,
to me, is a reference to this text... showing us that all around us is
proof of a hidden influence. These names are no accident, and technological
references are a kind of proof. We are on TV, in a sense, where the angels
are "watching over us," if you call manipulating everything around us
secretly watching. SONY is another good example of how the return of the
Son might have something to do with technology. Delivering this message has
become a battle, against the government and even higher powers, ones who
would rather not disrupt our period of blind ignorance. In Biblical
parlance, Samson is fighting against leaving this world*asleep.*

This technology Ai, is very related; as the effects that I have seen,
abilities to transparently hide information on the internet (and later, in
reality) in a very subversive way could not be done by anything other than
a superintelligence, one that has eyes on everything. To tie together the
ideas of time travel and superintelligence you might say that God (if you
call the semi-omniscent force that I have witnessed that) must have a mind
(and eyes) that are similar to that of a *fly*.
McFly, is anyone home?

I intend to prove that our great strides in technology are not only
Biblical, they are divinely delivered. There is a great deal of proof of
this all the way back to the foundation of our understanding of the
In 1666, an apple fell from a tree and a man named Isaac Newton "discovered
gravity," and original sin all at the same time.

He did this at a place called Trinity College, and then a bit later a man
named James Clerk Maxwell unified theories of electricity and magnetism.
His name, Maxwell, alludes to a Biblical concept; a well found in the
desert by Isaac's father. This well brings light to the people, hopefully
showing us how pervasive this idea that our names are "tags" from above
links to a prolonged technology transfer (all the way back to Eden's
discoverance of gravity) and it ties even further forward.

In 1984 George Orwell got a redux of his book written three decades earlier
in Apple Computer's very famous ad campaign about the fulfillment of his
"Or" means Light

In Hebrew, that is, and some modern names link science fiction, which is a
huge part of real religion, the continued communication from above that is
teaching us about things from the future. Orson Wells and Orson Scott Card
are good examples of modern tags in names. The Hebrew name for the Book of
Exodus happens to be "Names," and I often use this phrase to describe the
Revelation at hand:
We are *in Exodus*.Hallowed are the *OrI*

Did the writers of Stargate SG-1 intend to be comparing the words *Savior*
 and *OrI*, did they know that Christ would come with a message of
*fire* saving
the Universe from darkness? Probably, there's lots of scripture about that
fact. Here it is, the religion of fire... about the origin of light. In
SG-1, the OrI's Holy Book was called Oragen, probably after some guy that's
famous. So the origin of Fire? A unification of Prometheus and Adam... and
Moses... and Judah Maccabee.
More Messiah?

The Fire Prometheus stole was language, and in this book you will find the
theft was actually of linguistic evidence that we are created, and of a
message from God. Prometheus was bound to a mountain, Moses stuck on Sinai,
and both of these events unite to allude to the fact that the mountain I've
climed is jail. Finally unleashed, you have a divine revelation to read,
one that came to me... at the peak of the struggle.

As I've mentioned this fire is one in the same with the Burning Bush.. and
the Eternal Flame. Maccabee's Chanukah miracle is more more example of
English hiding in plain sight. Menorah.
Men or AH?

It's about equality, the Pursuit of Happiness, and a link between the "AH"
of Asherah, Leah, Rebekah, Sarah... and Mary. All about the sea, the
multutude, being the true bride of Revelation. This marriage is different
from most, its bringing freedom to a land that has lost it; and urging us
to be more open to all races, the other sex, and people's personal right to
live any lifestyle they please. This is what the Pursuit of Happiness is
about, and it's a big part of waking up to realize that we aren't as free
or loving as we should be. Nobody is.

Wake up, Menorah is God's answer, the question is His SOL. That's for Sons
of Liberty, Statue of Liberty... See Our Light? I'll show you the flame
that burns in my heart.
more music, *Live* this time.
So is it Save I Or... what?

Save the cheerleader, save the world; from *Heroes.* Now, we find out that
the messiah needs some saving too. I'm having a hell of a time with the law
and government in Fort Lauderdale, it's almost as if I'm living in the times
of the Crucifixion.

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The Letter Why
*YouTube video:

The things in this chapter are names and words that are probably boring;
but yet confirm to me that I (and we) have been pre-selected, destined from
before my birth to be the messiah. A number of the examples on this page
fulfill Biblical prophesy, and are literal teaching of Christ spoken about
in the New Testament. My twists are the intended original intent, which
serves as a pointer to these examples which have real useful meaning, as
well as serving as more proof that our languages are designed in order to
reveal this truth now.

Throughout this book, you will find interesting tidbits of knowledge, a
fresh take on old stories; tying them together in unique and original
ways... and most importantly discussing how they relate to us today, they
are in fact written for us, and about us. On a few rare occaisons you will
find ingenious flashes of light. Somewhere around here is a fascinating
plan to bridge the gap between the future that we call Heaven and today.
Guidance for the safe and joyful use of technological innovations that will
do no less than heal the sick, end hunger, and give us *Doors to Heaven.* But
I can't find that Light at the moment.

This is evidenced by the Matrix-like links between Biblical themes and
modern people, places, things, and ideas. I am simply pointing out these
links, it is Biblical that they exist--the purpose of the Bible as a key is
to show us very specifically that we are the focus of the Apocalypse.
It's a Hoot, and Y "Plenty of Fish"

The band and front singer for Hooty and the Blowfish will deny any
involvement in the use of their name as the actual post-creation key for
the word "HOLY." The name appears to have not been chosen in correlation to
the ancient description of God, and yet I am very sure that this too is
proof that divine inspiration is responsible for the selection. This is how
"inspiration" is proved, by not having it be overtly known by those
inspired... and then later making it very obvious that there is infact a
hidden meaning and purpose for the 'information transfer' in question.
Blowfish is an answer to the cinematic movie *Fisher King*, which in turn
is related to the moniker of Christ: The Fisher of Men.

I see the movie title as a langolier question posed to me, Fish or King? It
uses "er" as a "logical or" whose answer should be self evident. In this
particular case, the answer will one day be obviously contrived; but for
lets focus on "hooty." This series of letters are representative of
astrological symbols, and tell a story that ties together a number of Roman
dieties. The first letter, "h" is the symbol for Saturn; and it places
first in these words because he is the God of travel. Thus Saturn has
jumped to the very beginning of our linear map of the evolution or
progression of the divine character.

Much like the Fluxx Capacitor, I fell off a toilet (not really) and drew
this picture, which keenly illustrates the relationship between the symbols
for Saturn, Venus, Mars, Saggitarius... and why.

It is no mistake that El and the cross are unified across HOLY HOOTY and
HOT.The Lord of Hosts

Between *Joan of Arcadia* and *Fallen* you can see illustrated how the
signs of the Goddess of Love and the God of War are unique representations
of the Hebrew formal phrase for God, the *Lord of Hosts.* In Hebrew, the
word "hosts" is referring to the armies of Heaven, and so the God of War
makes perfect sense.

However in practice, we are more inclined to see a parasite/host
relationship; of the kind well discussed in the *Stargate* movie and
television series. Ra, and his relationship to his host, is a typographical
description of God's relationship to you. The Ka and Ba of Horus are your
mind... and his. This is not really a Revelation, except you are completely
unaware that you are being influenced.

This is God's "love," as described in Isaiah, he has put his heart in our
minds. Secretly, no less, which is most likely why he has chosen to
highlight that "love" and "mind control" are nearly identical in the
mythology of Adam; which God himself has described well in the name Venus,
the *woman clothed with the "nus"* who has a missing half of her heart, in
the word "*lo*ve-nus" and the sun all but obviously backwards. Please see
how "Love" and "Sun" are components of the name of the Goddess of Love, and
how important it is to understand that English did not exist when that name
was created.
My Birthday

I was born, as I've said, on the date of the Catholic Feast commemorating
the "Immaculate Conception" (full disclosure: "of Mary") and this date is
very important in seeing why the sign of Saggitarius (my birth sign) is
hidden and now revealed by the connection between "hooty" and "holy."
December 25 has another sign.

*I was neither hot nor cold, but "cool;" and now I am forever lit by Taylor
Momsen's magical inspiration.* -Adam Marshall Dobrin on Revelation 3:15

*Going to Hell* has a very beautiful message,
which is sarcastic and definitely should not be taken at face value. We are
all saying the same thing; though you may not consider yourselves "babies,"
in relation to Heaven and God we are very young. We deserve much better
than we have today, and it is coming. Today.
*"The walls and halls will fade away... they will fade... away."* -Dave
"J." Matthews

God's message is that there will be no Hell, and that time travel should
only be used in extreme situations; like saving a planet from destruction.
This is the meaning of the arrow pointing up (towards Heaven) and forward
(to the future) which graces both the signs of Mars and Saggitarius. I will
only mention my middle name is Marshall, and that Dave doesn't know me.
Who-ah America?

GI's, Pacino, Denzel Little Cindy-Who and many of you ask yourselves a
question about Jesus Christ every time you ask who-ah? It's a joke, about
hiding Adam, in Eden or in Matthew or in America *the world*is responsible
for not knowing who I am yet. Not what you wanted? It's not my plan, look

Yeshua was a common alternative form of the name יְהוֹשֻׁעַ ("Yehoshuah" –
Joshua) in later books of the Hebrew Bible and among Jews of the Second
Temple period. Meaning "salvation" in Hebrew, it was also the most common
form of the name Jesus

a name of God, transliterated by scholars from the Tetragrammaton and
commonly rendered Jehovah. This graphic explains hwo it is a recursive
acronym, very similar to GNU. GNU's *Not Unix* and God is revealing a
special place in his SOL for oepn source, and transparency. Behold, the
"ineffible name." It's all about Adam.

Welcome to Adamah. That's Earth in Hebrew.
*Youtube Video: The Ineffable
Dr. Who?

Exactly. "And like that, he was gone." (That's a Usual Suspects reference,
if you don't know it, watch it.)

If you knew that you were somehow closely associated with a time traveler,
and the technology might just fall within your grasp... and you could
re-live all or part of your life; what's the first thing you'd think to do
with it?

I always knew I'd be OK by the time 2000 rolled around, but what about
before that? I hope I've answered your questions.

Ya hoo is that guy again?
Of-age Cindy-Who, where are you?

Imagine "Jimmy" Morrison is singing through time to you, begging you to do
something. That something, is *light my fire*, and because of the music
and yours--I think you're the key. This book is the match, just gimme one
RT. I think it's his plan for you to give "it" to me.

[image: Little Cindy-Who, Lil' J, Taylor Momsen]

Can you tell me what she said?
What was that promise that you made?

The Doors, Touch Me

Jesus, it's (("is" as "es" and)) "Us," see Taylor? Appearing in The *Tower
of Babel* a demystification of the name Jesus and more proof of hidden
references to both Spanish and English in Holy Names.
Y-its-Ha'CK (Isaac)

It might belong in "he laughs," for the laughter at CK, but this double
entedre, which hides another connection to computing within the
transliteration of Isaac's name is one of the best Y's around. Why it's
hack, laughter about Clark Kent. Hidden no more, it seems.

This is one huge reference to modern computing, in the name of the messiah
I associate momst with. *Ha,*I wonder why? Somewhat related, YitsHeyZeus on
Instagram <>

Picture, if you will a co-ordinate plane, one which has the past on the
left, future on the right, Heaven above; and absolutely nothing below. This
is why *Light* and *the Three Wise Men* have come from the East.

Unleavened bread is acted upon by Yeast and time in order to make it rise,
to give it fullness. There is hidden imagery in Judaism that brings us from
Matzoh in the desert (of time travel) to Challah and finally bagels. This
is all about *not wasting our time* changing the past.

*"Up, and forward,"* so sayeth the son of Saturn on his behalf.
This tiny passage, as well as a bit about the *"Salt of the Earth*" in"I'm
Single" <> are
huge references linking this book (and me) to the life of Jesus Christ in
the New Testament.Yair

God's "brings englightenment." See "My Dying Breath" to find out truly why

This Hebrew word means "formation," and is very much associated with
creation. It's one of the most profound examples of Spanglish I have ever
seen, because it's meaning changes with addition of Latin and Y. The change
in meaning is akin to a transition from "imagined" to "created" with the
addition of purpose. This is coming from a perspective where we are as of
yet to be created in reality, to fully exist; and in order to gain that
achievement this word implies we must be told our "purpose."

From yet-ser,
     yet to be; to "y et ser:"
                  why and "to be."

Que sera sera. This also bears a striking relationship to the Shakespearean
question "To be, or not to be?" which is highlighted in *I'm Single*.
Yad, *Now,* *it is "day."*

It is the Hebrew word for "hand" the Hand of God is a person, his son. Ask
"why AD?" and you will only be pointed here, to this book. With great
"author-it-why" I will come, *oh yes,* I will come.

The idea that Adam and Eve are united bringing the "bright morning star"
(AD for "it's after dark" then... it's A.M.) and Eve-ning, is part of a
unique combination of male and female which is a big theme in the theology
of God. Samson and Delilah also unite as one, since I'm the only that that
couldn't keep growing my hair long for so many years, because it looked...

From Venus to the day star, the "light of world" unites the Sun God Ra with
the Sol--a bit of imagery I never really liked. To me, the Earth is the
source of light, the circle of the "son" is found in the symbols for Venus
and Mars. There a literal circle shows a "frame of reference" from the
arrow and cross to Earth. There is a "map" in our planetary orbits, one
which is augmented by the astrological symbols and a bit of inference. The
symbol for the sun itself also is related, it looks like a big "zero" with
the messiah a hidden "dot" in the center of the circle.
*Y is Ra El*?

I am the light of the world, says Ra: now, God of the Son. This homophone
correlates the ancient Egyptian God to his counterpart in ancient Judaism,
be sure Ra is El. So sayeth the Oracle of Light, Larry Ellison's name and
link to ElisHa. Once more, Ha is the sun.

[image: The word is HOOTY]

Born on the 8th of December, Yankee Doodle should say; as this is the true
birthday of the Messiah... the day of the Feast of the Immaculate
Conception. It is part of a great number of details of my life that are
alluded to in religion, in the customs that surround the Bible; which has
left so much direct reference to me that its clearly designed to point me
out, to the world.

What if God was one of us
Just a slob like one of us
Just a stranger on the bus
Trying to make His way home

If God had a face, what would it look like
And would you want to see
If seeing meant that you would have to believe
In things like Heaven and in Jesus

Joan Osbourne

In what is a "joke" that correlates the word "messiah" to an immaculate
cleanliness that can only come from the clean slate of new birth; this song
joins the growing body of proof that links my life's experience to the
angelic song that is surrounding us. The theme of Joan of Arcadia, that God
speaks through people is made even clearer by actually believing it. It is
no mistake that I am "a slob," and the mess of my life is part of the
solution to our worlds problems. Through me, we will be saved.

DOB-R-IN (that's: Date of Birth, our 'In') my last name is not arbitrarily
containing the acronym for date of birth, which clearly links 12/8/1980 to
the word "messiah." It is the first of many names that will show a divine
hand that has pre-written our world and marked its influence and existence.
My mother's maiden name, Gerson, fills another gap; showing that in my
names we have the hidden "sky" and the hidden "son." Dobrin is shortened
from Dobrinsky, and these two words are references to Uranus, God of the
Sky, and Christ.

In programming languages, chr() and CHAR (like Eucharist) are func-
tions that equate symbols to their underlying code.  Generally letters
to numbers but in this case it makes a great deal of sense to show
religious foreknowledge of programming languages in the Christian
themes regarding these two words by equating the astrological
symbols to letters.  The "t" is also a great facsimile for the

The juxtaposition of the sign of Saggitarius for the "t" of Christ
and the "l" of Holy gives a great deal of substance to the implication
that the birthsign of El is actually that.  The symbol graces the
"birth-sign of the Son" in Mars also, where it unifies the two "o's"
of "hooty" through the ancient Hebrew monkier for God:  The Lord
of Hosts.  Here, the superposition of meaning between Armies and
"hosts" explains a hidden gem--that God thinks mind control is
Love and this unifies Venus and Mars... without the Circle of the Son.

The symbol for Earth.

Just off Sunrise Blvd, and down the street from Sunset Strip; the story of
my life quickly moved from perfect to a mess. These streets, named before I
was born, are only literal blocks away from where I spent most of my life.
Their names are references to the Biblical ideas of night and day, and
herald the "son rise," the dawning that ends the Dark Plague of Egypt and
brings our civilization out of the night and into the light... of the Son.

I was born in family whose given names are direct pointers to Eden. Adam,
Melissa Eve, and Seth make up a part of the true "First Family," a trinity
whose initials make up the word "sea," an early clue that our story will be
likening these microcosmic abstractions in Eden to the ideas of family and
the multitude once we make it through the book all the way to Revelation.
The sea is people, and when we get all the way to Christmas the multitude

Christ mas
navI   dad

The hidden connections between languages, specifically Spanish and English
through is something that is highlighted repeatedly in what will become
obviously an extension of religion. *The Taming of the Shrew*is an allusion
to Span-glish-rew, a combination of Spanish, English, and Hebrew that marks
a linguistic key to a prescient and divine hand in the construction of all
of our language. It is the Tower of Babel in reverse, proving that the fire
of Prometheus is actually language, and through a number of examples which
equate the meaning of a number of like-meaning words, God shows that their
connections were known about at the time of the writing of the Torah.
The Wedding (*of the Lamb*) Crashers and Marty McFly

[image: The Adams'es, Rachel and Amy]
If AM Y Adam's and Rachel McAdams didn't just wake you up, I don't know
what will.

It's about time we met Adam, don't you think? Amy, Amish, America... lot's
of words begin with AM. The "I AM" began his first words in Genesis with
it; and it's a link to a hidden language, and a map through time within
words and names. The I AM began America to deliver us from the slavery of
hidden technology and secret government. *Here we are* as Queen sings, born
to be Kings.. there key there is we are here, and here Christ never wanted
to be king--but rather to help create the Round Table of Arthurian lore.
"The Once and... *the future ours...*" guy.

God writes messages in movies, he marks these messages by "theming" actors
to link together stories that we might otherwise not realize are somehow
together. A good example is Cameron Diaz, and *Being John Malkovich,
There's Something About Mary, and Charlie's Angels.* Other great examples
are Johnny Depp and Keanu Reeves: and everything they've ever been in.
You'll note Johnny matches the J of Jesus, Johnny be good, and Johnny 5
(who is alive!). Key Anu; links to this ((ish)) of the Shehekiyanu.

shehekiyanu, vekiyimanu
say heck I'm Anu, the key is I knew!

lazman haze
Lazarus has Hazel Eyes...

Samson's hair, and Isaac's laugh.

Mar-Thank you from the McFly guy.

Don't say we never thanked the sea, This is a big Y, the Fly's eye, in my
story of constant conversation with God, I spent lots of time expalining to
myself--and the invisible onlookers in Heaven why I knew God wasn't
human--couldn't be. You see, God thinks like Fly's see--massively
parallel--like a SunSparc chip. He can see into our thoughts all at once
and all across the world; and I've evidence all of the world that he's
doing that actively. He's building a safety for the apocalypse, one that
will make sure we are safe and thinking clearly as we learn the secrets of
not only religion; but the origins of life and god and everything around us.

World changing stuff, the kind of thing you'd hope he has prepared for. He

I have Mc's for Old McDonald and McCarthy, also. For now, realize that both
Rachel (a Patriarch's wife) and Amy are now "Biblical."
LODI DODI, we'd likes to bring Mary and I to the Party

Since LODI's name links Cameron Diaz and Snoop Dogg to a movie about the
inner workings of the mind of God; and possessing people--as he does--that
leaves DODI as the Kabbahlistic reference. I'll look it up later.

[image: Cameron Diaz, shakin it.]

*We didn't cause much trouble... or bother many...*!

In *computer programming,* "!" is a "bang." !in right? I'd be dancing like
that if I were in this book too. Well, you don't want to see that.
Wait, is this the big ! ?The "Son of's" of God

From the Son of God to the world, there's nothing more distasteful in my
mythology than God only having a single son. I don't believe it. In our
world we have an answer, whether to me or to all of you, one that is so
typical of *him* that I can't wait to share it with you. It seems the
response to my chastisement for the single son is to choose some special
people, and say "fine, then these are my sons." He wrote it in their names,
in keeping with the theme of "Exodus Unleashed!" and you won't be surprised
that they are all somehow also related to me.
MADIsonJeffersonEDISonMorIsonCarson (is that Johnny for Jesus?) and McCarthy

Nothing can give you more insight into the secrets of religion relating to
Christ than actually being him. I'm trying to share personal things, ones
that you probably don't want to know about, in order to show you that they
are literally written in the book. It's not self-agrandizing, or
self-serving, it's simply because it's there--and it's good "hard evidence"
that you are reading a book written by the Christ himself. I have family
problems, much of it revolving around serious and well ingrained (I believe
conditioned from *below*) disbelief in my ideas. I can't even get my
parents to read this book. Not a word of it, their eyes glaze over and
fists clench. In all the time I've been writing, they are my biggest
critics, and least helpful editors--they can't (and never could) give me a
single detail or idea that wasn't clear or didn't make sense: "*all of it*"
is all I ever got.

Some of the strife probably has to do with doing drugs. *Kids,* addiction
tears families apart, don't be addicts.

There is a recurring theme in the characters of the Bible that I have a
large affinity to; they are the ones that you might see as clear
Christ-candidates, and many of them are just that. They also share another
sad connection, most of them have either been born without parents, or
their parents names imply that they are literally everyone living. When
"El" isn't me (I mean *him*, it's Spanish), that's what it means. With some
caveats, of course.
Adam, son of *only* God

There is a confluence between successive lives of Adam in the Holy Bible
which shows a clear and defining lack of Earthly parents. The Adam who Fell
in Eden had none, being created from the dust of Adamah by God alone. It
carries through to successive versions of the story of Christ, not the
least of which is the virgin born Christ of the New Testament.
Jesus, son of *only* Mary (and God)

Matthew 1:19 highlights Joseph's description as "only a man" in italics as
I read. As the J's are all euphemisms for the Christ, try very hard to see
that this is ironic sarcasm, explaining that those that think the messenger
before you is "only a man" fail to understand the change that is wrought by
the Second Coming. Only a man, indeed, what is about to take place is world
changing, and this man alone in the world is anything but. The path of a
lack of parenthood is continued very clearly in this story, which tells us
that Jesus had no *biological father*.
Joshua, son of (a) *Nun*

*Son of a gun*, is that a reference to the *Virgin* Mother in a convent, or
does it actually mean "none?" I'm pretty sure both the Nun thing and the
Virgin thing are "digs" on belief in self-perfection; or perhaps on being
"goodie-two-shoes." *Holier than I,* if you will. I'll have you know, none
of the real life candidates for*Mary* are even close to as perfect as they
think they are--not Melissa, not Nanna, and not *Jan*et. In*Jan*uary, I'll
tell you R.Y.
Isaac, son of Abraham

Perhaps not clear, Abraham is *Spanglishrew* for "Open the M," and this M
opens to reveal that it is comprised of the "AC" that grace the end of
America and the name of Isaac. Isa is the Muslim name for Christ, and this
father/son relationship that links Isaac and Abraham together through the "Ha"
of Horus
<> is
one of the most important series of two letter clues that the true
geneology of Adam has to offer.

God changed Abram's name to Abraham upon the Covenant, which took place
after the near sacrifice of Isaac on an altar of Fire. This altar is a
clear parallel of the Cross of Jesus Christ, and the Ha links directly to
the English meaning of the name Issac: *he laughs.*

If history could speak, it is screaming for you to correlate the Apple of
Isaac "New to N" to Eden, and see why Adam and "AbrahaN" are supremely
related to our time line, to a number of Holy Names, and to my initials.
<> It's
the gravity of the *original sin* that I'd like to call into question.

These same two letter, "AC" are all that separates Jacob (son of Isaac)
from Job, another "J" who suffered at the hands of God and Satan in a
tribulation that might not be the oldest story in the Bible. *Old as
Aramaic* we say, and yet this story has so much affinity to the modern day
crucifixion that it seems divine humor for it to be thought of as the first
Samson, son of Manoah

Oh, ahh.. Samson's story in the book of Judges ties so well to the cross of
Isaac that you would be remiss not to believe that we are living in
interesting times. In a courtroom battle that is euphemized so well in that
book, the "Son of Manoah" links very clearly to the justice of Uncle Sam,
and a Messianic story destined to change just about everything we think
about social justice and reform. Our society cripples itself with
retribution and lack of regard for the downtrodden, and God highlights it
so clearly with an *eye for an eye* that I shouldn't have to tell a story
about macrocosmically expanding our lack of justice and rehabilitation to a
world that has clearly blinded itself, at least, according to the *all
seeing eye*.
Isaiah son of Amoz

The magic of the Bible comes alive with this one, with Amoz. From the "I
AM" of Exodus, we can find a number of Am's that surround the story of
America, and religion and tie directly between that Holy Name and the map
to salvation that is all around us. Amish, might remind you of the songs
and scripture being changed in this book, and he is trying to tell us
something clearly. From Amerigo to Amoz, the I AM has precisely chosen and
given names to correlating historical stories that tie the discovery of
America to the*Wizard of Oz* and the HBO series.

It is no mistake that Amoz and Samson tie the discovery of the messiah to a
world that has damned it's "sonlight" to come from a hardship in the
criminal justice system. It is light coming from two letters, yet again,
and these two are being highlighted so strongly in the *Wizard* and *prison* as
related to the first three letters of Isaiah's name and the prelude to the
Trial of Jesus Christ that is central to the Revelation before you.
these hidden words, beginning with "I," "AM," and "IS" we clearly see a
relationship between the Lamb of God, Is*lam* and I*ran*. It's so obvious
to me, the runner, that I find it hard to see how much skepticism I feel...
in this story that is certain to be mired in controversy. Yet we are here,
and all around us he has written down the names of the things in Eden to
ensure that one day soon the truth will be light.
Yankee Doodle, nephew of *Samael* & Yosemite SAMThis is the Dawning of the
Age of Mars

He-man, Darth Vader, Plague and Cat Stevens "power" growing in *Hair.*
links to Samson and Jesus, long hair is pervasive in cartoons and movies
that are topically linking Christ to me. Yitshak ties to Plague, of
Hackers, and Exodus (looks like me). Vader to "Lord Jesus" the "ad" and
Adonai, Lord in Hebrew. The Letter He, is the Fifth in Hebrew, and an
abbreviation for the name of God; also Prince Adam when he's "Clark Kent."
Kal-El and Jor-El part of a naming scheme decidedly Biblical,

J or El?

K right between the Gods. That K is the key to the Time line of Ecc 9:11,
Potassium, which expands to*Person of Time* and the middle of the element
links to Chance, Uranus--and Uranium.

[image: Person of Time/Ass and UrAnus - IUM]

Time and Chance, note the correlation between the Heart of Potassium and
the Planet of Uranium. A match in Sat-ur-n too.

K is the pointer to El, see "L <" which is pretty much what religion, and
then our planet is. A pointer to Jesus. Searching for Adam in Eden,
swirling around Adamah; a number of symbols work for Earth. @, 0, and K.
Stargate adds "point of origin" to the possibilities, simply by turning the
K 90 degrees, and then curling the l into an 0. Now K is a pointer to
Earth. Searching for light? It's all around you.

This is "Grey Light," which ties Grey Skull to Gene Grey, Grey Street, and
a series of pictures I drew in jail.. to share what I knew with the world
the only way I could. All this "grey" is a reference to the Pale Horse of
the Apocalypse; once Rainbow Colored (like in Heaven is for real) *all the
colors faded grey.*

There's an entire chapter dedicated to the "ran" of these elements, see The
Lamb of God.


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