Lee and Linda Purdy, owners of Westwind Milling Co., LLC in Linden, have their historic Mill building for sale, and are seeking ways of keeping the building operating as a Mill, as it has since 1836. One potential idea that this building would lend itself to would be the production of organic livestock feeds. Organic feed rations, especially for smaller growers, seem to be in short supply in Michigan. We'd appreciate your taking the time to respond to the following questions, in order to give us a better idea of the need for an organic livestock feed co-operative to serve most parts of Michigan. . •Would you be interested in joining an organic livestock feed cooperative? •What aspect of such cooperative would interest you – buying grain and feed components to have custom blended, or buying ready made feeds? •Would you be interested in growing grain for such a cooperative? •What types of animal feeds would you need (circle all that apply): Chicken Layer/Grower, Sheep/Goat, Cattle, Horse, Pig, other: ________________ •How far would you be willing to drive to such a cooperative? •In your view, what would be a worthwhile discount from current rates to offer members of an organic livestock cooperative? Thanks for your time, Lee and Linda Purdy [log in to unmask] (810) 735-9192 If you would like to access a searchable archive of the all the previous Mich-Organic listserv postings copy this URL and paste in your browser address field http://list.msu.edu/archives/mich-organic.html