*Financing Farming *

Access to capital to buy land or equipment or develop infrastructure for 
you farm can be a challenge, especially for beginning and small farmers. 
With Travis Bratschi, Financial Services Officer with Greenstone Farm 
Credit Services, and Caleb Boge, Farm Loan Officer with the USDA Farm 
Service Agency we will learn about sources of capital to develop your 
farm or farm enterprise and how to prepare yourself to apply for financing.

/*Tuesday, March 8,*/ 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Cost: $20

Small Business Development Center, 1209 S Garfield Road, Suite C • 
Traverse City MI 49686

Travis Bratschi, Financial Services Officer, Greenstone Farm Credit 
Services ,

Caleb Boge, Farm Loan Officer, USDA Farm Service Agency.

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