Check out these two upcoming workshops in Traverse City and Petoskey 
about making your farm finances work for you, presented by /*Larry Dyer, 
*/Holistic Management® Certified Educator and /*Wendy Wieland, 
*MSUE/Product Center Counselor./


*Holistic Management Financial Planning*

A successful farm needs to be profitable and provide the quality of life 
you want from farming.Holistic Management® Financial Planning integrates 
all aspects of the farm operation, manages cash flow, controls expenses 
throughout the year and creates financial benchmarks for achieving 

/*Tuesday, March 29,*/ 6:00-8:30

Cost: $20

/*SBDC, 1209 S Garfield Road, Suite C*/ • Traverse City MI 49686

Presented by /*Larry Dyer, */Holistic Management® Certified Educator

Register here 

*Farm Finances: Record Keeping, Financial Statements and More*

Create recordkeeping and reporting systems to analyze and improve farm 
profitability.  Look at sample bookkeeping methods, cash flow analysis, 
reports and statements.

/*Wednesday, March 30, */6:00-8:00 p.m.

Cost: $25

/*North Central Michigan College*/, SCRC 550, 1515 Howard St., Petoskey, 
MI 49770

Presented by /*Wendy Wieland, *MSUE/Product Center Counselor.**/

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