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International Journal of Export Marketing (IJEXPORTM) invites the submission of articles that fit the theme “Market entry strategies agenda: Exporting, IJVs / ISAs, Acquisitions and Greenfields”. Growing liberalization of trading policies, intensifying regional economic integrations, and increasing advances in information, communication, and transportation technologies are some of the factors that have contributed to the accelerating globalization of the business environment and the emergence of many lucrative opportunities (Keegan and Green, 2013). Different foreign market entry strategies have been traced by SMEs and MNCs. Particularly, exporting and FDIs i.e. IJVs / ISAs, Greenfields and Acquisitions have grown considerably the last three decades. Exporting has traditionally been the most popular form of entering international markets, mainly because it requires minimal organisational resources, involves lower business risks, and allows for greater structural and strategic flexibility (Czinkota, Ronkainen, Moffett, Marinova, and Marinov, 2009). By engaging in export activities, firms can enjoy important benefits, such as generate profits for reinvestment and future growth, exploit idle operating capacity and increase production efficiency, improve technological, quality, and service standards, and enrich managerial skills and experience through exposure to different markets (Terpstra, Foley, and Sarathy,  2012).

Previous research in the area of IJVs revealed a number of advantages as well as disadvantages seen from the parent’s point of view (Hollensen, 2014). In recent years there have been increasing numbers of cross-border joint ventures. Various potential conflicts between the partners caused by double management, repatriation of profits and mixing different cultures lead to the dissolution of the IJVs.

Acquisition enables rapid entry and often provides access to distribution channels, allowing the firm to acquire experience in dealing with the local market environment (Hollensen, 2014). The difficulties encountered with acquisitions may lead firms to prefer to establish Greenfields especially where production logistics is a key industry success factor and where no appropriate acquisition targets are available or they are too costly (Hollensen, 2014).

The rise of emerging markets, due to their significant institutional difference from the developed markets, further stimulates research in the above theme of research. Questions arise regarding large bodies of existing literature and how these translate into applicable and actionable research questions for emerging market contexts. For instance, how to make sense of internationalisation pathways and how to synthesize findings with a view to their suitability for emerging markets? Further, company capabilities are likely to be shaped within business groups and networks. When studying the internationalisation processes of SMEs and MNEs there is a need for investigation of foreign entry strategies i.e. exporting and FDIs in different markets i.e. developed and emerging ones.

This special issue is set up with a view to understand better the importance of foreign market entry strategies i.e. exporting and FDIs in the developed world as well as in the emerging markets, for the sake of clearer conceptualisations and perspectives on these phenomena. We therefore seek original research qualitative or quantitative that provides a basis for understanding current issues and advancing practices in International Marketing. Although all research methodologies and perspectives are welcome, papers that offer strong theoretical foundations, managerial and public policy implications, and empirical focus will be preferred.


Manuscripts are solicited on topics including:

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Dr Dafnis N. Coudounaris

Editor in Chief of IJEXPORTM
Professor (Ass.) of International Marketing

Department of Marketing
University of Vaasa

Wolffintie 34

65200 Vaasa


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Submission deadline: March 31, 2017


Czinkota, M., Ronkainen, I., Moffett, M., Marinova, S., and Marinov, M. (2009). International Business. European Edition, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, Chichester, UK.

Hollensen, S. (2014). Global Marketing. 6th Edition. Pearson Education Ltd, Essex, Enlgland.

Terpstra, V., Foley, J., and Sarathy, R. (2012). International Marketing, 10th Edition, Naper Publishing Group, USA.



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