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This free e-book provides a simple and relevant resource on international business and global strategy for undergraduate, (post)graduate and MBA students around the world. It provides concise explanations of important concepts, illustrated by focussed examples and implications for business. Summary boxes, online tools, exercises, mini-case studies, videos, and review questions support the learning process. You can also use this succinct e-book to add a dynamic interactive element to your other teaching materials.

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Review questions and quizzes are auto-assessed using model answers with appropriate feedback to students. Instructors have free access to assessment data and resources. The product was developed in partnership with, a web-based audience response solution provider. Request a pdf copy of review questions by emailing us at [log in to unmask].

Key facts and features:

-144 pages, 20 chapters, 120 review & quiz questions

-suggested extra readings matched with each chapter    

-free answers to 80 review and quiz questions

-facebook group (over 365 videos, examples and apps)

-over 6,000 downloads two months since publication

Author: Peter Zamborsky, PhD, (over ten years of teaching experience including Harvard Summer School, formerly a journalist with The Economist Group, currently a Senior Lecturer in International Business and Strategy at the University of Auckland)


  1. Foundations of international business
  2. International business and globalisation
  3. International business and trade
  4. International business and investment
  5. Firms and international business
  6. Governments and international business
  7. Institutions and international business
  8. The world trade system
  9. The foreign exchange system
  10. The global financial system
  11. Foundations of global strategy
  12. Regional and global strategy
  13. Global strategy frameworks
  14. Foreign market entry
  15. Industry and competition
  16. Resources and capabilities
  17. Institutions and ethics
  18. Organisation and structure
  19. Knowledge and innovation
  20. Alliances and collaboration
  21. Quizzes
  22. References

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Peter Zamborsky, PhD

Senior Lecturer in International Business and Strategy

University of Auckland Business School, New Zealand

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