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21-23 OCTOBER 2016, Delhi, India

Keynote Speakers
Prof. Shyam Sunder, Yale University
James L. Frank Professor of Accounting,Economics & Finance,Yale School of
Management, Yale University.
Prof. S P Kothari, MIT Sloan School
Gordon Y. BIllard Professor of Accounting & Finance,Sloan School of
Conference Objectives
To provide an interdisciplinary forum on finance, governance &
sustainability; to foster dialogue among various stakeholders, including
policy makers, academics, and industry leaders; to propose
multidisciplinary strategies for integrating finance, governance and
sustainability; to provide a platform to stakeholders to share their
experiences and research findings about integrated aspects of finance,
governance and sustainability; to discuss the practical challenges in
promoting sustainability solutions; and to find ways and means of striking
a balance between profitability, governance and sustainability.
Conference Themes
Corporate social responsibility (CSR); Business ethics and corporate
accountability; Value of being ethical and cost of being unethical;
Corporate governance and sustainability; Interrelationship between
sustainability, CSR and ethics; Sustainability policy & practices of
companies; Strategic management of sustainability; Managerial issues in
sustainability management; Relation and trade-off between sustainability &
profitability; Role of corporate governance in sustainability management;
Corporate governance and financial performance; Sustainability, governance
and performance; Sustainability, innovations and performance;
Sustainability marketing; Sustainability and role of technology;
Sustainability and information technology; Financial issues in ethics,
sustainability and corporate governance; Role of HRD in corporate
Paper Submission Dates
All submitted papers will be peer reviewed and accepted based on their
theoretical and/or practical contributions using rigorous research
Extended Abstract: 1 August 2016
Full paper
31 August 2016. Please submit your extended abstract and full paper by
email in a word:[log in to unmask]
Conference fee
(A) International Presenter/Observer US$ 300; (B) Indian Delegates: (i)
Industry Observer INR 5,000; (ii) Academic Presenter/observer INR 3,000;
(iii) Ph. D. scholar Presenter/observer INR 2,000. Conference fee includes
lunch, Conference Bag, Certificate, Program Book and USB flash drive with
accepted abstracts and papers.
Register online
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