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We warmly invite you to attend the PDW of "Human Resource Management Research in China – Out and In Looking at the future. " at 2016 IACMR conference at Hangzhou, China on June, 19th. Please find the details as below:

Human Resource Management Research in China – Out and In Looking at the future
(Session No.24J of PDW at 2016 IACMR Conference)

Time: 15.30-17.30, June 19th, 2016
Venue: Hangzhou, China

Submission deadline: May 20th, 2016.
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Goal of the workshop (i.e., learning objectives):



·        To study and discuss human resource management (HRM) research past and present in Chinese firms;



·        To identify the features and challenges of HRM practices in Chinese firms;



·        To investigate how culture influences HRM in Chinese firms;



·        To explore new directions of research required by Chinese HRM practitioners;.



·        To provide a networking opportunity to facilitate HRM research in Chinese firms.

Content of the workshop:



Over the last 30 years there has been considerable work done in the area of human resource management (HRM) in China. The bulk of this research has look at HRM from a holistic perspective. A key outcome of this research has been the adaptation of western HRM philosophy to the Chinese context and culture. But the question now arises do we truly understand this cultural adaptation of HRM. What now needs to be done? Are there new research directions that should be taken? For example, what is the perception and practice of diversity management in Chinese firms? Or what compensation strategies are used for senior executives and is this changing with exposure to western levels of executive pay?


This workshop will explore the research in HRM and its future from not only an academic point of view but also a practitioner point of view. The workshop will consist of an opening presentation on the current status of HRM research from an academic and a presentation from a practitioner on what they need. The workshop will then break into round tables with a Chair academic and Chair Practitioner. It is hoped that each round table will have an equal number of practitioners to academics. Students will be invited to attend in the capacity of academic but again they will be an attempt made to make sure that they are spread out amongst the tables. After a set time period each table will be asked to present their findings from the discussion. Once it is all gathered then an open discussion will be held.


Practitioners will be invited from an HR Association based in Shanghai and attempts will be made to notify as many practitioners as possible across China and in the invitation there will be the opportunity for them to volunteer to Chair a table. Academics will be invited to chair tables. We will invite academics from China, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and the US to Chair tables.  Therefore this PDW offers the opportunity to open new avenues of research for academics; a venue for practitioners to express their desires; and an opportunity for academics and practitioners to network for research collaborations.


Intended participants and admission criteria for the participants



Participants include academics (at all levels) with an interest in HRM in China, Chinese HRM practitioners, and interested junior scholars.

It is envisioned that the PDW will generate a deeper understanding of the need for HRM research at different levels not only from a theoretical and practical viewpoint but from a needs viewpoint driven by practitioner input.  The PDW will help generate research ideas, focus and networking opportunities/connections for academics and practitioners. Thus with this PDW we can truly find out what research is out and which is under researched and in need – thein’ – the future of research.


Invited Scholars:

Howard Lin, Ryerson University

Mike Henry, Thomas River University

William Wei, MacEwan University

Bruce Thomson, MacEwan University

Eric Kong, University of Southern Queensland

Dr. William X. Wei   
Associate Dean, Research and International 
Director, Institute of Asia Pacific Studies
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