The International Marketing - Supply Chain Management & Logistics Interface

Special issue: Call for papers from International Marketing Review

Deadline for submission: February 28, 2016.

Guest Editors:
Glenn Richey, Auburn University;
Peter Magnusson, University of Alabama;
Tomas Hult, Michigan State University


Supply chain management and logistics (SCML) research has long-supported the need for strong international, marketing-oriented relationships. Firms rely heavily on these relationships to efficiently and effectively move the product across international borders from raw materials extraction to the final customer. To allow firms to accomplish this task, supply chain and international marketing scholars have often touted the benefits of collaboration, integration, and other relational strategies. Research also points to evidence supporting the benefits of information exchange, knowledge sharing, and effectively managing business partner relationships. Surprisingly, little research has been conducted to define SCML’s relationship to international marketing. Huge gaps remain unexamined. Accordingly, this special issue welcomes contributions that advance and enrich our managerial and scholarly thinking at the intersection of international marketing and global supply chain management. 

Topics for this special issue may include but are not limited to:

         Market governance mechanisms used across the global supply chain

         International big data marketing distribution strategy

         Cross-Border SCML information and communication technology for the support of marketing relationships

         International customer service and marketing distribution strategy

         Global supply chain management and marketing network complexity

         The effects of socio-economic and political-legal marketing concerns on the global supply chain

         Implementation of international supply chain processes in product and service marketing

         International knowledge management and marketing decision-making

         International marketing TMTs and HRM in SCML strategy

         International order process and inventory management impacts on customers

         International partner collaboration, integration, and relationship marketing

         International partner transparency and safeguarding as sustainable marketing strategy

         International supply chain sustainability and green marketing

         International sourcing and procurement

         Political and cultural marketing (risk) management and security of the global supply chain

         Retail channels and business-to-business management

         Theory development in international marketing and distribution

Guidelines and Submission Information

To be considered for the special issue, all manuscripts must be submitted to the special issue at manuscript central at, following IMR manuscript submission guidelines.

The deadline for submission is February 28, 2016. All papers submitted to the special issue will be subjected to double-blind peer review in accordance with IMR guidelines. For further information, please contact any of the guest editors for this special issue:

Glenn Richey
Harbert Eminent Scholar in Supply Chain Management
Auburn University
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Peter Magnusson
Associate Professor of International Marketing
University of Alabama
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Tomas Hult
Byington Endowed Chair and Professor of Marketing and International Business
Michigan State University
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