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We would like to draw your kind attention to consider submitting your research to Track 4 (Social Innovation: Global Solutions for Local Problems) of AIB 2016 Annual Meeting in New Orleans.

Track Co-chairs:

[log in to unmask]&xsl=bio_long" style="text-decoration: none;">Jonathan Doh, Villanova University, USA ( [log in to unmask] )
Amit Karna, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, India ([log in to unmask] )

The submission deadline is fast approaching. All manuscripts and proposals must be submitted by January 15, 2016, in your time zone. If possible, please get your submissions in early, to avoid any connectivity problems as the submission site could be extremely busy towards the deadline.

Here are the details of our track

Track 4. Social Innovation: Global Solutions for Local Problems

AIB 2016 New Orleans Track 4 Illustration

International business scholars have become increasingly interested in how MNEs—in consort with governments and NGOs—can leverage innovative resources and capabilities to generate social and economic value. Given their multinational scope and ability to exploit formal and informal networks at the global, regional and local scale, MNEs may be especially well-positioned to generate social value across the national boundaries in which they operate. Beginning as exploration of “base of the pyramid” markets, this research has broadened to include investigations of microfinance, cross-sectoral collaboration, indigenous and frugal innovation and new business models for sustainable development. In this track, we encourage submissions that address how MNEs can develop and implement social innovations alone or in conjunction with other partners, and how these innovations can create value for multiple stakeholders. We especially welcome submissions—both paper and panel proposals—that leverage insights from allied social sciences such as political science, sociology, economics and anthropology, and those that broaden, extend or move beyond existing IB theories to reveal new insights and perspectives on social innovation, its processes and outcomes.


The call for papers is available at http://aib.msu.edu/events/2016/CallforPapers.asp, and detailed submission instructions and author FAQs are available from the AIB 2016 page at http://aib.msu.edu/events/2016/.

Look forward to your submissions.

Thank you.

Jonathan & Amit




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