Dear Colleagues,

We are conducting a meta-analytic study on the factors causing the local adaption / global integration of HRM practices in the MNC subsidiaries. Should you have unpublished works related to this subjects, we would appreciate your kindness of sharing the correlation coefficient matrix and/or regression results of your study. Examples of unpublished studies are working papers, conference proceedings, papers accepted for publication, dissertations, and theses. 


Please send your inquiries and references to Dana Minbaeva [log in to unmask] and/or Ryan Tang [log in to unmask] 

Thank you very much!

Best regards/Med venlig hilsen,

Dana Minbaeva

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Dana Minbaeva, MBA,  Ph.D.
Professor in Strategic and Global HRM, Department of Strategic Management and Globalization
Head of the Ph.D. School in Economics and Management
Copenhagen Business School

Human Capital Analytics Group at CBS
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