Welcome to the 14th International Conference of the Society for Global Business & Economic Development (SGBED)

June 21-24, 2016

Montclair, NJ, 07043                                                                           


Nature and Scope of the Conference:

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected across all fronts at an unprecedented pace; it is deemed that networks, knowledge and innovation, and entrepreneurship drive growth and development. The rise of emerging markets and growth of global supply chains are attributed to globalization and ICT; nations and firms continue to form strategic levers using the power of comparative advantage; and human capital worldwide is becoming more mobile and engaged virtually despite the national boundaries. The developments have also caused dramatic structural and organizational changes and disruption of traditional businesses, and job markets. Global investments in commodities and indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources affected the sustainability of ecosystems. Equal access to education, knowledge and health are also under the microscope. The challenges of rising inequalities in wealth and income, economic stagnation, unemployment, and the impact of globalization have also taken the center stage of public discourse. These trends bring heightened levels of responsibility to business, institutions and society. In view of the strategic  importance of these challenges  the 14th International  Business  conference invites  academic  and professional perspectives in the form of empirical research, case studies and applications, and panel proposals on a wide range of topics.


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