Nigerian Turkish Nile University is a private university located in the centre of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria. It was founded in 2009. The University visualizes itself as becoming a vanguard university that gains the respect of the world through academic excellence.

Now, the University is starting publishing a new academic journal in the field of business administration, economics, and related fields.

The “Nile” reflected in the name of the journals implies that the journals will have an international outlook. The historical river has been a symbol of prosperity, wealth and knowledge for centuries and deserves the respectable place in the journal names as a source of inspiration.

Nile Journal of Business and Economics (NJBE)

NJBE is a refereed academic journal, publishing research articles in the field of business administration, economics, and related fields. The main objective of NJBE is to provide an intellectual platform for scholars, a platform in which research in alternative paradigms for business and economic inquiry could be presented and debated. NJBE also aims to promote interdisciplinary studies over the issues of theoretical, practical, and historical importance in dealing with problems in business and economics.

We are currently seeking qualified academics as Editorial Board Members and Reviewers.

Please submit by email your letter of interest and CV to

Ibrahim KELES

Nigerian Turkish Nile University

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Editorial Board Member /Reviewer Roles and Responsibilities

- edits assigned articles in the field of his/her expertise for clarity, grammar, and style, producing a clean copy of the submission. 

- conducts a review of a submission and makes a recommendation for or against publication. Reviewers will enter their reviews and recommendations directly into the Journal system.

- reports to Editor.