Hong Liu (2015), The Chinese Strategic Mind, Edward Elgar Publishing. www.e-elgar.com www.elgaronline.com


“China’s rise to become a leading global power challenges both Western policy makers and business leaders. Written from a Chinese perspective, this book addresses the following question: does the Chinese strategic mind have its own idiosyncrasies that differ considerably from the West?


The book systematically explores the processes of the Chinese strategic mind by expounding and unravelling the particular characteristics:  what they are, how they have evolved and what strategic implications they have. With detailed case studies to elucidate how the Chinese strategic mind has worked, this book successfully synthesises knowledge from distinct academic fields such as military studies, philosophy, psychology, history, sociology, linguistics and strategic management.


Providing a framework for Western practitioners to consider Chinese ways of thinking, this book will be of interest to decision-makers in business and government. It will also be of use to academics in the fields of strategic management, international business, international relations and politics looking for a new perspective in their research.”



Hong Liu, PhD

Founding Director, China Business Centre

Manchester Business School


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