If you have paid for organic certification in the last year and have your USDA Organic Certification certificate you are eligible for organic cost share.
Here is the link with the information and all the forms, located at the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources WEB site: 
If you click on this or copy and paste it in your browser search bar:http://www.michigan.gov/mdard/0,4610,7-125-1568_37188-333288--,00.html 

You can submit on line but you also need to be registered as a “vendor” of Michigan Department of Agriculture. If you have never received cost share you will have to complete this application as well. ALL info for this is on the site I have given you. Take advantage of this cost share, its money allocated in the US FARM BILL-meants for farmers like YOU.

Don’t forget you need a photo copy of your payment receipts, organic certificate and completed forms obtained at this site.  You can submit a cost share request for EACH USDA NOP organic certificate you have for your farm. (e.g. For poultry and another for vegetables). Both can be submitted for up to 75% or cap of $750 for each certificate.

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for all the food you grew this year to help make our Thanksgivings so yummy!
Vicki Morrone
Organic farming specialist
Center For Regional Food Systems at MSU
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