Please pass this opportunity to all of your undergraduate students in majoring in the geosciences.  We are looking for two cohorts of students (with and without mobility disabilities) to participate in two years of geoscience field-based research focused on accessibility and communication at field sites in Arizona (May 2016) and Ireland (May 2017).  All travel is paid for and stipends will be provided.  Preference will be given to undergraduate geology majors, but depending on how many students with mobility disabilities, there is always a strong chance that we'll need to extend into other field sciences.

Flyer attached.  More information and a link to the application form can be found at:<>

Thank you!

Christopher L. Atchison, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Geoscience Education
Executive Director, International Association for Geoscience Diversity
Chair, Geoscience Education Division, Geological Society of America

University of Cincinnati
511E Teachers College
PO Box 210022
Cincinnati, OH  45221
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