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Table of Contents - http://ieeca.org/journal/index.php/JEECAR/issue/view/9

  Message from the Editor - Richard Brunet-Thornton



  Real Exchange Rates in Advanced Transition Economies - Sanja Grubacic, Julian Schuster

  Business School Accreditation in Developing Countries: A case in Kazakhstan - Chris Perryer, Victor Egan

  Perspectives on Retail Service Quality: Findings From the Baltic States - Brent McKenzie

  An Approach to Predicting the Insolvency of Ukrainian Steel Enterprises Based on Financial Potential - Inna Neskorodeva, Svetlana Pustovgar

  The Development of a Tourist Brand in Kazakhstan - Madina Smykova

  Foreign Banking in Ukraine: Development Trends and Ownership Structure Regulation - Serhij Reverchuk, Ulyana Vladychyn, Charlotte Davis


Case Study:

  Target Canada: Lesson from Failure of International Entry - Nikolay Megits, Julian Schuster



Thanks for the continuing interest in our work.

Nikolay Megits, PhD
JEECAR Editor-in-Chief


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