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The College of Management of National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan (R.O.
C.) invites applicants for assistant professors or above.  The attached file
provides details for interested candidates. Please help to post the message.
Thank you for your consideration.



Sincerely yours,


Jing-Hui Huang 

College of Management / Secretary 
National Taiwan Normal University 
162,He-Ping East Road, Section 1,Taipei 10610,Taiwan,R.O.C 
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Faculty Opening in College of Management,

National Taiwan Normal University


The College of Management of National Taiwan Normal University invites
applicants for assistant professors or above. Excellent candidates from all
following disciplines, ¡§Information Management¡¨, ¡§Accounting¡¨,
¡§International Business¡¨, ¡§Innovation Management¡¨ or related fields are
invited to apply. Candidates should be able to launch classes in English.


  Our College of Management, founded about 8 years ago, is the newest public
business school in Taiwan. Even so, located in the center of Taipei, our
business school was just ranked number 4 by a Taiwan media in last May. 

  Our business school consists of two graduate institutes, Graduate
Institute of Management and Graduate Institute of Global Business and
Strategy, also an Executive MBA program, and an undergraduate program of
Business Administration. We have about 40 full time and part time faculties
and we are still expanding our faculty pool. The major research
concentrations of our faculty include Finance, Marketing, International
Business, Strategy, Accounting, Economics, Information Management,
Technology Management, Asia Business, and so on. 

In each academic year, we admit about 35 local students and about 10
international students to our MBA program, about 40 local and 10
international students to our undergraduate program, and about 80 local
business executives to our EMBA program. Since there are a lot of
international businesses headquartered in Taipei, our business school is
able to access to and establish strong relationship with globally leading
businesses based in Taipei.

With ambition to become the leading business school based in the core of
Taipei, we have been proactively approaching international cooperation in an
attempt to pursue excellence in student learning and academic research. We
signed a cooperative agreement with the deputy Dean Roth of Darla Moore
Business School of University of South Carolina in Taipei. We jointly
initiate a one-year dual degree MBA program recruiting students worldwide
taking courses at campuses of NTNU and USC.

  NTNU is transforming from a traditional educator/teacher cultivation
university into a comprehensive university. In Taiwan, 50 % of high school
presidents and 17% of university presidents are the alumni of NTNU. In
addition, foreign students who study at NTNU gain an additional advantage by
learning Chinese culture and Chinese at Mandarin Training Center (MTC). MTC
at NTNU is the globally leading Chinese learning institute receiving around
1700 students from more than 70 countries each academic quarter. The MTC
alumni, such as prior Prime Minister of Japan, Hashimoto Ryutaro, and that
of Australia, Kevin Michael Rudd, are globally influential in politics and


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