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Drawing on the course material developed at the Harvard Business School and Yale School of Management by David Collis, International Strategy provides theoretical insight and pragmatic tools that address the decisions facing senior managers in multinational corporations. International Strategy explores the critical differences between domestic and international competition: the heterogeneity of markets in which companies are involved; the volatility of economic conditions that firms face; and the increased scale of activities fostered by global participation. The text examines how these phenomena create tensions and tradeoffs for executives concerning which product to offer around the world, which countries to compete in, where to locate various activities, and how to organize the firm worldwide.  Making those choices in an integrated fashion, it is explained, requires pursuit of a coherent strategy that builds an international advantage.

Filled with illustrative examples from a wide range of international companies, International Strategy, offers an accessible guide to help managers navigate the myriad decisions they must make in order to create value from their foreign operations and outperform competitors in an increasingly integrated world.


Table of Contents

Introduction: Motivation and Definition – What is International Strategy?


PART ONE The Context Facing Multinational Firms

1 The Ubiquity and Importance of International Competition

2 Why Do Firms Go International? The Justification for the Existence of the Multinational Corporation


PART TWO Conceptual Framework: What is Different about International Strategy?

3 What is Distinctively International about International Strategy?

4 What is Uniquely Strategic about International Strategy?

5 Generic International Strategies

6 Choice of Generic International Strategy


PART THREE Managerial Implications

7 What Product?

8 Which Country?

9 Where to Locate?

10 How to Organize?

11 The Modern Multinational: Is There One Best Strategy? Are We All Transnational Now?


Author Information


David Collis is the Thomas Henry Carroll Ford Foundation Adjunct Professor of Business Administration within the strategy unit at Harvard Business School, and an advisor to several well-known multinational corporations. He was previously a professor at the Yale School of Management and at Columbia Business School.


David J. Collis

Thomas Henry Carroll Ford Foundation Adjunct Professor

Harvard Business School

Morgan Hall 211 Soldiers Field Boston, MA 02163

Tel:  617-495-6768


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“International Strategy,” Wiley 2014



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