Dear AIB Colleagues,

Following the recently released Call for Papers for AIB 2016, I am looking for potential collaborators on papers and/or panels in the tracks, addressing the specific kinds of topics, listed below.

Track 4 - Social Innovation: Global Solutions for Local Problems

I am eager to work with people who want to explore how MNEs and local institutions can work together to implement the sustainable development goals related to poverty alleviation (Goal 1) and inclusive and sustainable economic growth (Goal 8). I am especially interested in cross-disciplinary examinations of this topic consistent with this statement from the call for papers for Track 4:  "We especially welcome submissions—both paper and panel proposals—that leverage insights from allied social sciences such as political science, sociology, economics and anthropology, and those that broaden, extend or move beyond existing IB theories to reveal new insights and perspectives on social innovation, its processes and outcomes."

Track 10 - Global Operations and Supply Chain Management

In their efforts to both decrease their carbon footprint and implement their own sustainability strategies, all firms, particularly MNEs, increasingly are looking at how their supply chains can contribute to this effort.  Supply chain management in the context of sustainability is, I think, a potentially rich source of research and discussion.  So, if you have papers under development on this topic, or have ideas about how best to create panels dealing with the topic, I am, too.

Track 3 - The Future of the Multinational Enterprise

Here I am interested in putting together a panel that will explore how MNEs could be expected to evolve as firms and governments adjust to climate change and resource constraints, all under a much broader umbrella of sustainability.  Possible topics include the changing nature of competition and how the relationships between governments/NGOs/firms/society influences MNE structure and governance.

Please contact me at [log in to unmask] if you are interested in working on any of the above.

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