Call for Nominations

Editor-in-Chief, 2017-2019 Journal of International Business Studies


The Executive Board of the Academy of International Business (AIB) is seeking proposals from exceptional scholars for the role of Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of the Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS). The new EIC will start processing manuscripts July 1, 2016, and be fully responsible for all editorial activities starting January 1, 2017. The official term for the next EIC is January 1, 2017, to December 31, 2019, following the current EIC John Cantwell’s second term (2014-2016).


The selection of the EIC consists of a two-stage process. The AIB Board requests nominations (including self-nominations) by September 15, 2015, along with a brief biography (or vita) of the prospective EIC. The AIB Board will select and inform the finalists by October 15, 2015, and will request the submission of brief proposals by November 15, 2015. The selection of the EIC will be made by January 1, 2016, to allow for a six-month editorial transition period.


The editorial team consists of the EIC and Area Editors (whose exact number and responsibilities should be outlined in the proposal by the finalists). The EIC will have responsibility for the content and organization of JIBS, will manage the manuscript review and selection process, and will work with the publishing firm (Palgrave Macmillan). The EIC reports to the AIB Board and is required to attend both of the Board’s annual meetings. Policy decisions for JIBS are the responsibility of the AIB Board while the management is the responsibility of the EIC. It is intended that JIBS should remain open to the full diversity of scholarship in the International Business field, and should not come to be dominated by a particular perspective or approach to the subject area. Proposals that encourage the continuation of the steadily expanding outreach of JIBS across relevant contributory disciplines are therefore especially welcome.


The AIB Executive Secretariat staffs a full-time Managing Editor of JIBS who is responsible for the Manuscript Central online submission and management system, including the processing of manuscripts and communication between authors, reviewers, editors, and publisher. Currently, the EIC John Cantwell also has a half-time Editorial Assistant at his own university. Financially, AIB will contribute financial resources to the EIC for non-equipment expenses directly related to the operation of the journal (e.g., travel, Editorial Assistant). The expectation is also that the EIC’s university will contribute resources to make the editorial term successful.


For the EIC finalists, the proposals need to include the full vita of the EIC, his/her editorial vision, and any research priorities. The proposal should also include proposed individuals, backgrounds, and responsibilities of those scholars intended to become Area Editors. In addition, the proposal should address the resource commitment by the EIC’s university such as release time from other responsibilities for the EIC and financial/non-financial support (e.g., office space, travel allowance, Editorial Assistant). The resource commitments constitute a key element of the proposal and must be endorsed by the leadership (e.g., dean) of the prospective EIC’s university. The EIC’s university will be acknowledged in the journal.


All inquiries should be directed to Professor Tomas Hult (Michigan State University), AIB Executive Director (Email: [log in to unmask] ; Phone: +1-517-432-1452), who co-chairs the JIBS Editor Selection Committee with the AIB President, Professor Rosalie Tung (Simon Fraser University). Please submit nominations and letters of interest by September 15, 2015, via electronic mail to the AIB Executive Secretariat at [log in to unmask]  (with a copy to [log in to unmask] ).



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