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Call for lecturers who teach international business and management to join The 2015 Nusantara Worldwide project Period: November 2015- January 2016– adding consultancy experience in Asia Company to your students

The 2015 Nusantara Worldwide project provides Business students with the chance to be a consultant for the client companies in Indonesia. In this project, students will explore what it is really like managing a consulting company– and to advice the real companies addressing some of the issues that challenge the growth of their business. We gives the opportunity for student to work for the client company in Indonesia. This year our main client is Sahid Montana Hotel which is one of the big hotel in Indonesia.

The Sahid Hotels is a dynamic hotel brand full of scenic and cultural wealth currently located in each of Indonesia's 33 provinces, with at least 4.512 rooms available domestically. In operation or nearing completion and with an ambitious plan, Sahid Hotels are 26 (budget, 3, 4 and 5 stars) hotels for rapid expansion throughout the Indonesian archipelago. In fact, the Sahid Group's family of hotels has grown to become the nation's largest independent hotel chain. Sahid Group is Indonesia's leading independent player in the area of hotel development and management.

The consultancy experience will provide student with real-world skills through a “feel, taste and touch” oriented process where students as a team work for businesses on a specific oriented project. So if you're teaching business or management and want to provide consultancy experience to your students. They will keep in touch directly to Management so Nusantara Project is the excellent applied learning platform for your students
The students are put in Global Virtual Teams of about 4-5 students and the teams work for a semester on real-life IB challenges presented by real-life companies. They will interview directly the management and work together with them.

The Benefit to join this project is you can use this Nusantara Project for research. The Nusantara Project is an excellent research platform as we will collect data from students.

If you want to enhance the students learning so the Nusantara Project is the best option. The 2015 Nusantara Worldwide project adds value through getting the IB students to address real issues in real businesses. Students assist the partner companies to address issues and problems that are identified as being important to the growth and development of the business.
Benefits of the project for students:
1.     Enhance students learning
2.     Gain real experience to be a consultant
3.     Learn about the business culture in Indonesia
4.     Networking
5.     acknowledgement certificate from the partner company
Benefits for lecturer
1.     Data for research
2.     Linking you and industry
3.     Enhance your student learning
4.     Improve your CV
Note: this project is free of charge but students and lecturers need to invest their team working together to generate report.
The Priority for this project 2015 are universities in East Asia, especially from China but all lecturers from different countries are welcome to join!!

Should this project be of interest to you, please contact Katie at 
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Visit our website: and please register before 10th November 2015. 

We only accept 10 lecturers to join this project so the First come, first served.
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