Dear IB/IM Teachers:

If you're teaching IB/IM and want to add an experiential component to your
course, X-Culture is a good option for you.

X-Culture is a partnership of IB professors from around the world.

Over 3,500 MBA/EMBA from 40 on 6 continents participate in X-Culture each
semester (106 universities already approved for this semester).

The students are put in Global Virtual Teams of about 7 (each from a
different country) and the teams work for a semester on real-life IB
challenges presented by real-life companies.

The best students are then invited to X-Culture Symposium (last few hosted
by Mercedes-Benz, Home Depot, Louis Vuitton).

Here is how it works:

Here is why you as a professor want to add it to your course:

X-Culture is also an excellent research platform. We collect longitudinal
multi-source multi-level data on GVTs (over 2,000 variables total), so if
you’re interested in research on groups, we have the biggest dataset in the

More about X-Culture:


AIB Insights:

But does it work? Evidence in AMLE:

The application process is competitive.

*Divisions: *Undergraduate, MBA and other Master’s, EMBA

*Dates: *Oct 4 - Nov 28


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