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Journal of International Management 
<> 	Journal of 
International Management 
Volume 21, Issue 3 ,  Pages 169-260, September 2015 

Editorial Board 

/Pages IFC/

*  Special Section on Turning the Spotlight on Service Multinationals: 
New Theoretical Insights and Empirical Evidence; Guest edited by Sumit 
K. Kundu and Somnath Lahiri*

Turning the Spotlight on Service Multinationals: New Theoretical 
Insights and Empirical Evidence 
Original Research Article
/Pages 215-219/
Sumit K. Kundu, Somnath Lahiri

Regional and product diversification and the performance of retail 
Original Research Article
/Pages 220-234/
Chang Hoon Oh, Timo Sohl, Alan M. Rugman

It Takes Two to Tango: Signaling Behavioral Intent in Service 
Multinationals' Foreign Entry Strategies 
Original Research Article
/Pages 235-248/
Charles E. Stevens, Erin E. Makarius, Debmalya Mukherjee

Customer Interaction Uncertainty, Knowledge, and Service Firm 
Original Research Article
/Pages 249-259/
Chris R. Meyer, Bruce C. Skaggs, Sudhir Nair, David G. Cohen

*  Regular Articles*

The Roles of Subsidiary Boards in Multinational Enterprises 
Original Research Article
/Pages 169-181/
Yan Du, Marc Deloof, Ann Jorissen

MNC structure, complexity, and performance: Insights from NK methodology 
Original Research Article
/Pages 182-199/
Sokol Celo, James Nebus, I. Kim Wang

Overcoming the Liability of Foreignness in International Retailing: A 
Consumer Perspective 
Original Research Article
/Pages 200-210/
Masayoshi Maruyama, Lihui Wu

*  Book Review*

Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra, Ravi Ramamurti, Understanding Multinationals from 
Emerging Markets(2014), Cambridge University Press (Hardcover: ISBN 
978-1-107-06453-9, $20.95, 325 pages) 

/Pages 211-213/
Christof Morscher

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