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I am pleased to announce the publication of the first edition of "Middle East Business Environment." This book offers a thorough review of the main facets of the Middle East business environment. The opening chapter discusses factors that affect the business environment in the Middle East. Subsequent chapters explore the main elements of Middle Eastern culture including religion, values, and attitudes, and consider how these affect business practices. They investigate how Middle Eastern countries are faring in their economic development efforts. They examine global trade regimes, the emerging field of global e-commerce, and challenges that may impede regional integration. They learn about Islamic finance and how it functions, and they look at marketing challenges facing Middle Eastern nations. Edited by a team of business scholars with extensive experiences in various parts of the Middle East, this book incorporates contributions from distinguished scholars from several disciplines. This book is an invaluable resource for students, practitioners, scholars, and businesses  working to understand the Middle East beyond politics. You can view the posting on Cognella’s website using the following link:




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New Book: Middle East Business Environment

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