Nominations Sought for Election of Officers to the Academy of International
Business Executive Board for 2016-2019


The AIB Executive Board operates on a rolling basis, with new members
elected annually to fill open positions.  The Nominations Committee,
composed of the three immediate Past Presidents of the Academy, is hereby
soliciting nominations for the following positions and will present a slate
to the membership for election later this Fall.  

               a. President - Elect

               b. Vice President Program - Elect 

               c. Vice President Administration



One candidate will be nominated from among those previously elected
Vice-President for either Program or Administration. The elected person will
serve a three year term: as President-Elect for 2016-2017, President for
2017-2018 and as Immediate Past President for 2018-2019.  The AIB President
presides at all meetings of the Academy and of the Executive Board, appoints
and instructs all committees and is responsible for the strategic direction
of the Academy and for supervising the functions of the other officers and
of the Executive Director.


Vice President Program-Elect:  

Two candidates will be nominated to serve a three year term: as VP
Program-Elect for 2016-2017 and be responsible for organizing the
pre-meeting activities for the 2017 Conference, VP Program for 2017-2018 and
responsible for putting the 2018 conference program together, and as VP
Program-Past for 2018-2019.  


Vice President Administration:  

Two candidates will be nominated.  The elected person will serve a three
year term and will be one of three individuals serving as VP Administration
on the Board. The VPs Administration have oversight responsibility for
finances, membership and chapter relations. The AIB President determines the
type and sequencing of the responsibilities between the multiple officers
serving this position.


Nominations (including self-nominations) for any of these positions should
be sent to the Secretariat at [log in to unmask] , by no later than October 31,



Please note that AIB has a published policy regarding election campaigning.
The policy can be read at  


Nominating Committee:

Mary Ann Von Glinow (chair)

Robert Grosse

Nakiye Boyacigiller




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