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We are pleased to announce that in response to the large number of requests received from participants at the AIB and AOM conferences, we have extended the submission deadline for chapters to 1 December 2015. We look forward to receiving your submission.


Call for Chapters


Publication: International Business and Management Series (Emerald)


Title: Global Talent Management and Staffing in MNEs



Guest Editors


Ying Guo                                               University of South Australia         

Peter J. Dowling                                    La Trobe University

Hussain G. Rammal                              University of South Australia



The ability of MNEs to attract, develop, manage and retain talent across its global network can be a source of competitive advantage (Collings & Mellahi, 2009; Tarique & Schuler, 2010). Talent management involves managing employee development in a global context and staffing the worldwide operations of the MNE (Collings, 2014; Sidani & Al Ariss, 2014).


Historically, expatriate assignments were for an extended period of time. However, the high cost associated with expatriate assignments has forced MNEs to use short-term international staffing arrangements (Collings, Scullion, & Morley, 2007; Reiche, Kraimer, & Harzing, 2011). These alternative arrangements include short-term commuter assignments and virtual assignments (Collings, et al., 2007; Dowling, Festing, & Engle, 2013). MNEs are now more focussed on developing and using the global talent pool rather than sending expatriates for specific tasks (Sparrow, Scullion, & Tarique, 2014).


For this volume, we invite chapters on issues relating to talent management in MNEs with an emphasis on global mobility from organizational, individual and contextual perspectives. From the organizational perspective, we are interested in topics related to the arrangement and management of various workforce patterns in the global operations of MNEs. We are also interested in exploring how expatriates develop their careers through international assignments (Bonache, Brewster, & Suutari, 2001; Dickmann & Harris, 2005). From a contextual perspective, issues related to talent management by MNEs in both developed and emerging economies are also of interest (Farndale, Scullion, & Sparrow, 2010).


We invite conceptual and empirical submissions that address the following topics (but are not limited to):

What is the role of HR in implementing and facilitating global staffing and talent management in MNEs?

What are the antecedents and outcomes of talent management and global staffing at individual, organizational and country level?

How do contextual factors influence talent management and staffing in MNEs?

What influences MNE global staffing choices with respect to parent country nationals (PCNs), third country nationals (TCNs) and host country nationals (HCNs)?


Submission Information:


Authors should submit an electronic copy of their chapter (9,000 words in length) to the Guest Editors of the volume ([log in to unmask]).

Submission deadline for chapters:                               1 December 2015 (revised date)

Submission deadline for revised chapters:                 29 February  2016  



The International Business and Management series applies a truly international perspective to the study of international business, with a special emphasis on management and marketing issues and aims to advance the frontiers of knowledge in this fast developing field. Further information on the International Business and Management Series can be found at: http://www.emeraldinsight.com/series/ibm





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