Call for Chapters: Impact of Organisational Trauma on Workplace Behaviour and Performance - further details  available at

Other suggested topics will be considered, but should coincide with the following areas:

  *   Defining organisational trauma as a specific phenomena
  *   Triggers and symptoms of organisational trauma
  *   Psychological impacts of organisational trauma on individual well-being
  *   Psychological impacts of organisational trauma on team behaviours
  *   Organisational trauma metrics
  *   Influencing organisational trauma on member engagement
  *   Organisational trauma and change management
  *   Organisational trauma research and direction
  *   Cultural influences on organisational trauma
  *   Risk management and organisational trauma
  *   Organisational trauma and virtual teams
  *   Organisational structure and dynamics influences on trauma
  *   Lessons learnt and best practices to deal with organisational trauma
  *   Aversions and deterrent to organisational trauma

Candidates welcomed for the role of reviewer and member of the Editorial Advisory Board. For further information, please contact the editor at [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>

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