Our new President Mandi Bullough (2015-2017) and the Board are emphasizing
three themes in WAIB's mission:

1. To promote *networking* among women members of AIB / WAIB using social

2. To encourage* gender and general-related research*, and

3. To provide a *mentoring* service.

Note that despite its name, WAIB's membership* now includes men, LGBT, and
minority groups *who share similar research interests.

WAIB is active on *LinkedIn* and *Facebook*. Please visit both using
the *search
term*: WAIB Women of the Academy of International Business. You can make
posts directly on each site without passing through a moderator.

Our* LinkedIn page* features articles relevant to gender and gender-related
research and discussions between WAIB members. Please do mention this
valuable research resource to your friends and colleagues, as well as your

Our *Facebook page* provides a social forum for sharing news and photos of
your conference activities and awards.

Looking forward to reading your posts and comments,


Communications Officer, WAIB

PS. Please feel free to email me with any questions, comments or

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