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Over the last 15 years as a reviewer for the AIB annual meeting and regional AIB meetings, and as a more recent regular reviewer for journals such as the Journal of East European and Central Asian Research, the International Journal of Emerging Markets, and an occasional reviewer for the Journal of International Business, I have observed that the quality of writing often is a greater determinant of how a paper is received than its content and/or research methodology.  It is difficult to accept a paper if its message gets lost or confounded due to poor sentence structure, grammatical errors or improper wording, no matter how much rigor has gone into its design and research.  While virtually every paper may have these kinds of issues, they appear more frequently in papers written by researchers who are not native English speakers.

As a result, I have started a service that carefully reads through a paper and edits it in such a way that grammatical, word usage and sentence structure issues are resolved, and that the paper reads as if it was written by a native English speaker with solid writing skills.  I do not address a work's content, however I can, due to familiarity with a wide range of IB topics, suggest alternative ways of discussing content when I feel the meaning is unclear or obscure.  Authors, of course, have the final say regarding such suggestions.  Over the last few years I have worked on over 50 projects including papers for conferences, papers for journal submissions, grant proposals, book chapters, and dissertations.  Each project has received individual and diligent attention, and I am pleased to note that I have done repeat work for many AIB members.  My work also does not end when a paper is returned; I frequently re-comment on changes that were made based on previous comments or suggestions.

The service is fast and affordable, and if you are interested please contact me a [log in to unmask].
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